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How CASTLEVANIA Led To INSIDIOUS! Leigh Whannell Is On The Latest SHOCK WAVES!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (that’s me!), Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they discuss all the latest horrors on episode 23 of Shock Waves! First, the gang catches up on horror TV with THE EXORCIST, THE WALKING DEAD, ASH VS EVIL DEAD, CHANNEL ZERO and much more. Bekah checked out THE CONJURING 2, PURGE: ELECTION YEAR & DEAD END DRIVE-IN. Elric revisited the original THE HAUNTING, and reports back on OUIJA 2 and UNDER THE SHADOW. Rob talks the new Blu-Ray releases of WAXWORK and BURIAL GROUND, and finally getting to see Don Coscarelli’s KENNY & COMPANY. Ryan watched the bonkers THE PIT and teases LAKE BODOM.

Then we welcome to the show very special guest, Leigh Whannell! We get candid and learn about the origins of SAW, what went wrong on DEAD SILENCE, and how his creative relationship with James Wan works.

We delve into the origins of INSIDIOUS, and in the episode, Leigh pinpoints the 2 projects that led directly to it, “One is, I had written a film for James (Wan) called X-RAY, which to this day I think is a pretty cool script. It’s about a guy, someone tries to kill him and he wakes up in the hospital with face blinders. So he can’t recognize anybody. So, of course, the killer comes back to finish the job. Someone told me they made that movie with Milla Jovovich? We couldn’t get that off the ground. No one wanted to make it. And then simultaneously, James was going to do CASTLEVANIA with Nicholas Cage! And I remember I was in Santa Monica wandering around and the phone rang and it was James, and he said, ‘CASTLEVANIA has fallen apart. I just got a phone call saying the film’s not happening, and nobody’s going to make X-RAY. Who are we kidding? Let’s just go make a movie. Let’s just do what we did with SAW again.’ I went home and over that Christmas break, I wrote the first draft of INSIDIOUS.”

We also discuss “haunted house” horror and try to break down why this specific sub-genre of horror is the scariest! And as an added bonus, we all give our Halloween movie picks! So, kick back, relax and listen to the conversation, embedded below for your convenience.

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