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Exclusive Premiere: The Surreal Short PERDITION Conjures a Grisly Existential Nightmare

Some short-form horror films serve up concentrated shocks, while others creep inside your head and make you question everything you’ve seen. Writer-director Jake E. Sampson’s moody horror short PERDITION falls into the latter category, and we’re honored to host its online premiere, just in time for Halloween.


PERDITION finds desperate protagonist Alan (Dan Heyerman) inexplicably transported from behind the wheel of a moving car to being chained to a chair in a dark, grimy room. When he comes to his senses, he quickly realizes he’s at the mercy of a sadistic, masked inquisitor (Asger Folmann)… giving a whole new meaning to one’s own “Personal Hell.”

If this tale recalls the compact storytelling of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, it’s no coincidence: the director told the classic TV series was a major inspiration for the project, as the show often would “take a seemingly simple premise and inject a dose of suspense and doubt that leaves the audience guessing.”


Sampson, who executed this film on a tight schedule and budget and only a four-person crew (including the actors), is currently at work on another film project, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on his progress.

But first, let’s settle in for the brain-twisting PERDITION…


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