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Tricksters Get a Horrific Treat on “A Halloween to Remember”

Halloween is almost here, boys and girls, and we’re still finding plenty of Samhain stories in our virtual goodie bag… all the better to keep you stuffed with sweet, sweet nightmares.

Our latest find comes from a man named David, writing under the handle Sloshedtrain. As a part-time board admin at the Creepypasta Wiki, David often serves as gatekeeper for a wide assortment of nightmare-inducing stories, so it’s only natural he might have a haunting recollection or two of his own to share.

This particular childhood memory centers on that most spooky of holidays, when the author and their mischievous teen friends decided one year put the emphasis on “Trick” in Trick-or-Treating… until he realized the joke was on them.

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While the Halloween practice of egging houses, soaping windows, toilet-papering trees and other pranks has been mostly discarded over the past couple of decades, it was still popular (though scorned by the community) when David was a teenager, and one year he and a small group of friends spent several hours wreaking havoc around their neighborhood while dodging frustrated police.

Before calling it quits for the night, they came upon an area they’d never noticed before… a row of houses lit by progressively dimmer streetlights, leaving the far end of the row cloaked in near-total darkness. Nevertheless, the curious gang decided to investigate.

David immediately sensed something was wrong about this street: the houses seemed constructed differently from all the others in the surrounding block, and much older. They also appeared to be abandoned, with no lights coming from any of the windows.

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His friends dismissed his suspicions, saying it would be easy to evade police in the dense shadows, and they got their eggs and toilet paper ready to ransack the old decrepit houses, all the while trying to creep each other out in the darkness.

Still, David couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong about this street, and his suspicions grew as he turned to look behind them and saw the previous block’s streetlights begin to grow dim… as if the darkness were slowly swallowing them up.

They had chosen their first house to target when the group heard a loud crack echo down the street beyond them.

“Everybody, hide now!” said one of David’s friends, and they quickly dispersed to find cover. David took shelter behind an old garbage can close to the wall of one house, where he could safely survey his surroundings without anyone sneaking up from behind.

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He heard the crack again, louder this time.

A long silence followed; not even the sound of insects or distant traffic could be heard. Finally, David crept out from behind the trash can and slid along the wall, looking for the rest of the gang.

He soon found them… standing together in a circle, in the middle of the street. Oddly, they weren’t moving at all, and didn’t make so much as a whisper.

He approached them, trying to get their attention while keeping his voice as quiet as possible.

“So what do you think that sound was?” he asked them.

They just stood there, silent and unmoving.

Image Credit: Robert Ingelhart

“Uh, Hello?” David asked, becoming uncomfortable with their odd behavior.

Finally, they turned to him and responded in unison, their voices cold and emotionless.

“There’s something about your soul I cannot take,” they chanted, speaking as one. “But I’ll find a way.”

David barely had time to respond before the entire group suddenly begin to charge toward him.

Without thinking, he ran as fast as he could, racing through the darkness, which seemed to intensify with every footfall. The street itself, which had been rather short compared to the others, now seemed to go on forever. But David just kept running, his eyes searching frantically ahead for any source of light.

That’s when he slammed face first into a concrete wall.

He may have lost consciousness, but he wasn’t sure how long. All he knew was that when his vision cleared, he was somewhere far, far away from the neighborhood he remembered.


Stretched out before him was a massive city — a city carved out of darkness. Every building, as far as he could see, was only a black shape, outlined by a faint glow from an unknown source, on an unseen horizon. The buildings seemed to stretch on to infinity in every direction… but the cityscape appeared to be empty of all life.

David was frozen in place, dazed and terrified, his mind struggling to make sense of his surroundings… and then he heard a hideous sound behind him: a low growl that couldn’t possibly come from anything human.

He turned slowly, fearing what he might discover there… and while he could barely make out the wolf-like shape with gleaming red eyes against the inky blackness, he knew it wasn’t the only one of its kind. There were several others, lurking just beyond his range of vision.

Image Credit: John North

He heard claws skittering on concrete… and once again, he started running for his life, plunging through darkness, praying he wouldn’t collide with another wall — or worse.

He stumbled into a blind alley, realizing his route was blocked. He turned to flee the opposite direction… only to confront a large group of people standing in his way.

A tall man stood at the front of the group, dressed entirely in black, his face obscured by a hood.

“What do you want from me?!” David shouted in desperation.

“I want your soul,” the tall man said softly. “Like I did with all your little friends here.”


That’s when David realized the group standing behind the mysterious man was made up entirely of his companions, with whom he’d just spent the night prowling the neighborhood pulling Halloween pranks.

“You’re different,” the man continued. “Your soul is special… but no soul is strong enough to keep me out. You will be mine.”

David backed into the alley as the man and his zombie-like minions — kids he’d once called his friends — closed in on him.

Image Credit: Andrew Cribb

Just as their hands reached out toward him, a deafening sound caused them to recoil in shock and apparent pain. The sound — an intense, buzzing alarm — echoed through the skies over the dark city, accompanied by an intense red light…

…and all at once, David was awake. He was in his own bed, his shopping bag full of eggs, soap and toilet paper crumpled on the floor, next to the wall of his bedroom.

The loud buzzing continued… but when his head cleared, he realized it was coming from his alarm clock, where the bright red display glowed 7:00 AM.

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It took him nearly half an hour to calm down, assuring himself he’d had a particularly bad dream… and if it was indeed a nightmare, he wondered why he couldn’t recall the actual events which transpired that Halloween night. Hopefully, his friends would be able to fill him in.

Either way, it was time to get up, as today was a school day.

As he sat up in bed, he noticed a post-it note affixed to his bedroom door. Curious, he walked over and pulled it free… and the single, neatly-written sentence on it turned his blood to ice.