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Two Spooky Magic Rituals to Perform on Halloween… If You Dare

In keeping with our Halloween theme, which we began with the creepypasta tale entitled “The Clown With Bloody Teeth,” I’d like to continue the trend today by giving you two spooky seasonal entries for the price of one.

Both these creepypastas involve a kind of magical “game” [in line with our earlier list of Five Creepypastas Involving Deadly Occult Rituals], which is traditionally played on or near All Hallows’ Eve.

That is, assuming the players are not afraid of the possible consequences — which may be quite dire indeed.

With that said, proceed with caution… let the games begin!

Image Credit: Ivan Bliznetzov


The rules to this short and simple but intensely creepy Halloween game come from an anonymous user, and the game’s origins have not been fully traced as of this writing, so there’s nothing to substantiate their claims… still, it’s probably a good idea to stick closely to the rules on this one, just in case.

The basis for this ritual can actually be traced back to ancient times, when Gaelic cultures celebrated the festival of Samhain, marking the end of the Fall harvest and the beginning of preparations for Winter. It was believed that during a portion of Samhain night, a rift would be opened between two worlds: the land of the living, and the domain inhabited by the spirits of the dead. During this specific time, communication between the two worlds could be achieved, and spirits could grant wishes and good fortune to the living… but the other side often demands horrific payment for this spiritual assistance.

The rules of the game are deceptively simple: place a large mirror in an unlit, closed room between the hours of 2 am and 5 am on October 31. Keep your eyes tightly focused on the mirror, even if you can’t see it clearly in the shadows.

After a few minutes, you should reportedly feel a dramatic drop in temperature in the room. When you sense this chill, immediately place your right hand on the mirror’s surface and whisper the words: “I accept.”

Image Credit: iStock/azerberber

The legend states that you will soon see a vague shape in the mirror: at first, it appears to be a human infant, but as the image becomes clearer, it is revealed to be a half-rotted, glistening, oozing form, its flesh seemingly melted from its body. Its eyes are hollow sockets, which nevertheless transfix your own gaze and stare into your soul. It’s said that the infant creature’s stare will trigger a feeling of unspeakable horror and revulsion as its empty “eyes” drill into your mind.

At this point, the thing will speak, in a voice described as “the rasping of sandpaper… devoid of all human emotion.” It will ask you five questions of a deeply personal nature, usually involving events which occurred in your past.

For every question answered incorrectly or dishonestly, the thing will steal away one of five senses, which will then be lost to you forever. For each correct answer, the creature will allow you to place a death curse upon anyone whose name you recite out loud. Those cursed during this phase will supposedly be dead by morning… with their eyes missing and their flesh putrefied.

Image Credit: Bruno Passigatti


This Halloween ritual has a more modern theme, but is no less disturbing; in fact, it may even be more dangerous. Originally submitted to the Creepypasta Wiki by user MacaroniArtZombeh, the game bears a close resemblance to the ancient “Void” ritual described above, but employs 20th- and 21st-century technology to contact the world beyond.

The time-frame is also more exact: you must begin the ritual at precisely 11:59 pm on October 30 — the final minute before Halloween. Go outdoors and find a bare patch of ground, then brush out a circle in the dirt with your hands (no tools should be used for this step — not even a stick). Make the circle large enough to contain our phone, which you should then set to vibrate mode and place in the center. Note that you must keep looking at the phone at all times, never turning your eyes away from it.

Continue keeping watch on the phone for fifteen minutes. At this time, the user claims you will receive a call from a private number… but they stress you must not pick up the phone to answer.

Image Credit: Lion Hector

After the phone stops ringing, wait a while longer… you should soon receive a text message from the same unknown number. It is reportedly safe to read the text, provided the phone remains in the circle. The content of the message should contain yet another phone number, which you should then call immediately — but again, take care that you do so without removing the phone from the circle; this can be done via hands-free/speaker mode.

On the other end of the line, a man will respond in a deep, coarse voice. He will ask for your home mailing address, which you must provide without hesitation. At this point, he will tell you to expect a knock at the door at that address, accompanied by the delivery of a small package at precisely 11:59 on November 1.

Inside this package, within an unmarked box, you will find a small portable transistor radio, along with a set of batteries. Install these batteries, but do not switch on the radio until 12:15 am. Tune the dial to AM Channel 111.1 and listen carefully.

Image Credit: Bruno Passigatti

What you hear next will not be comprehensible as speech, but is apparently the same man who answered the phone two nights ago. As you listen to his strange mutterings, you will experience a slight headache, which will increase in intensity; regardless, do not stop listening to the transmission. At precisely 12:25, the message will end, replaced by soothing music, which will also free you from the intense headache.

Now, the small radio has been imbued with the power to bring you phenomenally good luck — provided you keep it near you with the power switched on at all times. The user claims this luck is nearly limitless, affecting every aspect of your life: relationships, money, power, health… anything and everything you do will be phenomenally successful.

Until the day finally comes when the radio’s original batteries die. Then, almost immediately everything changes.

Image Credit: iStock/Kutsuks

You will begin to feel a presence, as if someone is tracking your every move, watching you from every shadow. You may see a figure out of the corner of your eye, or hear a sound you can’t quite place. But you’ll never know exactly what it is… until the moment comes when that presence finally makes itself known; that’s when it comes to claim payment for your incredible good fortune.

The author never explains when this reckoning will occur, or what you will see when it happens. But they do say there’s nothing you can do to stop it.