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We Warn You Not to Watch This Spider Eat a Mouse… But You’re Gonna Do it Anyway

What’s got into you, Australia? We’ve already given you all the love in the world for supplying us with endless tales of man-eating sharks and crocodiles, huge venomous spiders, gargantuan snakes and other horrifying creatures that populate the continent. But you don’t have to do stuff like this. Really.

Nevertheless, a new clip from Down Under making the rounds today involves a massive Huntsman spider (one of the planet’s largest and most aggressive arachnid species) struggling with a rather unique challenge: dragging its catch of the day — an unfortunate mouse — up the door of a refrigerator, presumably back to its lair. In other words, if you’ve ever seen that viral clip featuring the sewer rat dragging away a slice of pizza, this is basically a nightmare inversion of that scenario.

According to the Guardian, Jason Wormal of Coppabella, Queensland got an early-morning call from a neighbor, inquiring “You want to see something cool?” to which he naturally replied, “Hell yeah.” [His exact words.]

The incredulous pair shot the entire ordeal, during which they marvel at the strength of the spider — now nicknamed “Hermie” — as it lugged its future meal straight up the door of the fridge. Wormal posted the following clip to Facebook shortly afterward, and in within 24 hours it had already racked up more than 6 million views from morbidly fascinated users. It was even shared by National Geographic…

According to Wormal, user comments on the video were split between those fascinated by the spider’s amazing strength, and the rest, who spat out some variation of “Hell to the Naw Naw.”

At least arachnid fans can be happy at the news that “Hermie” is reportedly alive and well, and “running his own extermination business… and he is now paying rent,” Wormal joked. Uh… yeah, that’s hilarious, mate.