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The Slasher in WINK Doesn’t Put on a Happy Face… He IS One!

This year, horror filmmakers aren’t just employing the latest in media tech to tell their stories… they’re also conjuring a lot of creepy tales about the pervasive and often intrusive nature of modern media itself.

Writer-director Alex J. Mann and production outfit Space Oddity Films have devoted numerous short-form horrors to this very topic, including the Snapchat-themed 3 SECONDS [which we also posted on the site — watch it here!], the Instagram thriller ME2, and even a horror film about the perils of Photoshop abuse entitled CROPPED.


Mann’s latest, which he had in mind especially for the Halloween season, is a grimly comic slasher with a villain whose surreal identity comes from today’s favorite mode of shorthand communication: emoji icons.

“We try to approach each film with some sort of ‘truth’ about technology,” Mann explains. “In this case, it’s that emojis are creepy and have cold, dead eyes. What better way to get this across than to pay homage to the slasher genre?”

Check out WINK right here!

If you’re looking for more tech terrors, be sure to check out the NSFW short SKYPEMARE (starring TALES OF HALLOWEEN’s Cerina Vincent) for yet another lethal spin on the subject.


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