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Spookhouse Visitors Seeking “The Clown with Bloody Teeth” Get More Than They Bargained For

Today’s shocking tale describes events which allegedly occurred just before Halloween 2015, and can be traced back to a board update from a Reddit user named Sarah (a.k.a. amethystlocke), who posted it roughly eight months ago.

Sarah’s update was a repost of a chilling series of email and phone exchanges between herself and a close friend named Shelly, who was traveling cross-country at the time with her boyfriend Randy, visiting local Halloween haunts along the way in search of the ultimate scare.

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According to Shelly’s email, she and Randy checked out an attraction in Little Rock, Arkansas called “Davey’s Graveyard,” which involved underground tunnels and became too claustrophobic an experience for her to fully appreciate.

Afterward, a quick Yelp search for the highest-rated haunts in the area led them to what soon became their new favorite Halloween destination: an elaborate DIY spookhouse designed and built by a local family in and around their own home.

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She listed the location as 1124 Cherry Lane in Highland, Arkansas, and highly recommended it to Sarah.

The two later spoke on the phone about the house, where Shelly described the standard Halloween decor and a few well-placed jumps which welcomed patrons… but she explains that the real scares began when they reached the backyard.

“Once you get in there,” Shelly told her, “you’ll notice that there aren’t any exits… after one or two minutes of walking around, the backyard lights will go out and it’ll be pitch black.”

Image Credit: Bojan Kontrec

At this point, she says a “very large clown with bloody red teeth” will jump out and chase visitors, herding them to a secret location… but she doesn’t disclose to Sarah what happens next, not wanting to spoil the surprise.

Intrigued by her friend’s enthusiastic endorsement, Sarah eventually traveled to Highland with another horror-loving friend to see if the haunt was as scary as she claimed.

Image Credit: Royce DeGrie

Upon arriving, they were puzzled at first to encounter what seemed to be a rather ordinary display, with Jack-o’-lanterns, a few lights and paper decorations adorning the front. But Sarah remembered Shelly’s comments about how the real scares were further on — particularly in the backyard, where the dreaded “clown with bloody teeth” awaited — so they pressed onward.

Image Credit: Milan Jovic

They were finally rewarded with the first chills of the evening when they passed through the living room, which was dark and hard to navigate, the only light coming from an old TV set tuned to static.

The eerie glow illuminated an extremely creepy sight: a large, gruff old man lying on the floor, either dead or unconscious, with an unclothed mannequin propped next to him. Smears of dark blood were visible around the room… including bloody hand prints on the TV screen.

Image Credit: Ryan J. Lane

As their eyes adjusted to the low light, they noticed a trail of bloody footprints on the floor, and followed these to what they presumed was the next scenario. Making their way through the room, they were startled when the old man stood up convulsively, releasing a loud belch and growling something incomprehensible… before collapsing onto the couch.

Image Credit: Juan Monino

Picking up their pace, they proceeded down a long, dark hallway, in which a few doors were set. Behind one of these doors — which was smeared with more bloody handprints — there suddenly came a shrill scream, followed by the explosive sound of a shotgun blast. They both jumped in terror, but kept moving forward.

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As they passed that particular door, Sarah noticed a bucket of red paint on the floor, but wasn’t sure of its purpose. She leaned in for a closer look when she was suddenly spooked by a loud, booming voice shouting “WHO’S NEXT?” followed by the sound of heavy bootsteps approaching from inside the room.

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The doorknob then began to turn, and the two friends finally ran toward the door at the end of the hall, assuming it was the exit to the backyard, where the infamous clown was likely waiting to give them the ultimate shock.

At last, they made it into the large, tree-lined backyard, and the door slammed loudly shut behind them. In the chilling silence that followed, Sarah was suddenly frightened by a piercing sound… which turned out to be her phone. It was Shelly on the line, anxious to hear what Sarah and her friend thought of the whole experience.

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“Did you like it?” Shelly asked. “Pretty creepy shit, huh?”

Still rattled from what had transpired, and shaking in anticipation of the horrid clown’s arrival, Sarah quickly muttered a response.

“Shelly, I’m going to have to call you back,” she stammered. “Yes, this is one of the scariest places I’ve ever seen… but where is that clown going to take us?”

“You’re going to have to find out for yourself,” Shelly giggled. “I don’t want to ruin it for you.”

They hung up, and Sarah and Mindy waited… a minute passed, then two… then five. Nothing happened. The only sound was a night wind passing through the bare branches of the trees which encircled the yard; the only movement came from gently swinging strands of decorative orange lights draped over the fence.


Finally, Sarah called her friend back.

“Shelly, how long before this fucker shows up?” she said shakily. “This is really creeping me out. Mindy also wants to know: after we’re done, once we get back on the street, from Cherry Road do we make a left or right on Hillview to get to the freeway? We have a bad connection here, and our maps don’t work.”

A long pause followed. Finally, Shelly spoke, her voice strangely quiet.

“Did I hear you say Cherry Road?” she asked.

“Yes, why?” Sarah responded.

“I told you the house is on Cherry Lane, not Cherry Road. Up on a hill, remember?”


Sarah looked up at Mindy… who must have read the horror on her face, because she suddenly turned deathly pale.

Shelly’s voice came back louder, more urgent this time.

“Wait… whose fucking house are you in?