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Event Report: The Grand Opening of Jason Egan’s Vegas Haunt FRIGHT DOME!

Las Vegas local Jason Egan likes to cover all his bases when it comes to horror.

Having served as Executive Producer on 2015’s BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, and more recently THE NEIGHBOUR, Egan — also somewhat of a haunt maestro — is the brainchild behind battleship U.S.S. Salem’s haunted ghost ship experience in Boston, another haunt that resides in Hong Kong, as well as unleashing his fourteenth year of Hell on Las Vegas with FRIGHT DOME.

Last weekend marked the opening of this year’s edition of the horror extravaganza, which resides inside the astoundingly large 25,000-square-foot space of the Adventuredome at Circus Circus. Blumhouse was there to cover the highly anticipated red carpet, as well as the attraction itself.

Among the guests of the evening, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil cut an interesting figure as he strode the carpet adorned in priestly garb, accompanied by a rather naughty gaggle of nuns. Man of the hour Jason Egan was also in attendance for what must be a  truly proud moment to see the huge achievement he has made with this attraction — which he started at the tender age of 23.

FX luminary and horror director Gary J. Tunnicliffe (HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT) was also among the VIPs, which was fitting as he collaborated with Egan on one of this year’s haunts.

This year, Fright Dome boasts six new haunted houses, along with four new scare zones, and ghoulish entertainment at every turn of a corner.

One of the most anticipated haunts of this year was Egan’s collaboration with the beloved horror game franchise FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S. A walk through this creepy teddy bear-filled maze is quite the trip that fans of the game are bound to love.

A special treat this year was OUIJA — a great experience for a haunt of such huge proportions, as guests are able to experience it completely alone. What begins with a very personal seance results in walking the halls of an abandoned hospital full of rather angry spirits, who don’t seem particularly pleased about the presence of mere mortals.

What this writer found to be the most disturbing haunt of the night was CLOWNZ. If you happen to be one of the few poor souls to suffer from a fear of clowns, this may not be something you wish to venture into. Guests are asked to wear a pair of 3D glasses and wander through an extremely garish maze filled to the brim with ominous and foreboding clowns — some dead, some alive. The smatterings of color popping out by way of 3D make for an almost psychedelic experience, culminating in  a final walk through a spinning tunnel, which makes for a dizzying effect — the perfect ending to what seemed like a never-ending journey through a coulrophobia sufferer’s nightmare. Quite apt, given the current events involving psychopathic clowns terrorizing the country.

The “Krampus Not So Silent Night” maze was next cab off the rank, on which Egan collaborated with fellow attendee Tunnicliffe — an impressive haunt that boasts incredible animatronics rivaling those of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, as well as en pointe scare actors and impressive production feats.

All in all, FRIGHT DOME is a well-rounded night of entertainment. In addition to the aforementioned haunts, thrill-seekers can navigate through the abundance of scare zones, as well as participate in a bit of good ol’ fashioned thrills on the incredibly fast and frenetic rollercoasters inside the venue.

This is one night that’s worth the jaunt to Vegas — and it will be running throughout the month of October, from 7 pm to Midnight.

General admission tickets start at $36.95, with additional “fast pass” upgrades starting at $20 — allowing express line entry for all six haunted houses. Be sure to visit their website at for further information.