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Fake Or Legit? Videos Of Ghosts Caught On CCTV Camera

I absolutely love the videos that the gang over at Top5‘s puts together on their official You Tube channel. Whether you believe or not, or if you just want to believe, they always do a great job of breaking down the facts behind spooky occurrences and then giving us a glimpse of proof to decide for ourselves.

Their most recent uploaded video marks a return to the CCTV video that launched the channel 2 years ago. An updated version with 5 terrifying and convincing ghost sightings captured on CCTV cameras. And looking at the footage should at the very least make some hairs stand up!

One of the stories revolving around cab drivers picking up the supposed ghosts of victims from a tsunami we reported on  earlier this year. Have a look at the video for that and 4 other mysterious cases!

If you dug that and want to see more, we strongly recommend you head over to the Top 5’s You Tube Channel and subscribe!