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Eerie Footage Seems to Reveal a “Ghost Ship” on Lake Superior

We’ve explored dozens of chilling, shocking and unexplained events caught on camera — from brutal shark attacks and nocturnal home invasions to alleged demonic possession, living dolls and “poop ghosts.” But this YouTube clip, uploaded by Jason Asselin, offers something entirely new… and more than a little bit spooky.

Asselin was spending a Saturday evening with friends, exploring the coastline of Marquette near the upper peninsula of Michigan, when he spotted a rainbow over the rough waters of Lake Superior… but at the end of that rainbow, to his amazement, was a gigantic shape resembling a massive dark ship, looming several miles away near the horizon.

“I zoomed in and still couldn’t understand what I was seeing,” Asselin told CBS News, describing the experience as “out of this world.”


Shortly after he uploaded the footage to YouTube, thousands of viewers were immediately intrigued, and many were extremely creeped out by the strange visual anomaly. Some who studied the clip theorized the image was a kind of mirage caused by diffraction through dense mist (hence the nearby rainbow), while others aren’t so sure.

“It really just didn’t belong there,” Asselin said. “I’ve seen ships before and it looked nothing like that.”

Near twilight, he turned to look for the phenomenon again, but it had mysteriously vanished.