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Donald Trump Lurks In Every Classic Horror Movie You Love

Look, we never get political on this site. No need. We like to keep it fun, interesting and entertaining when it comes to spooky stories, whether they be in real life or on the silver screen. But I’ll tell you one thing I do love – the sheer creativity of the horror community when it comes to trying to get a laugh.

Following this week’s presidential debate, many of the people on both my Facebook and Twitter feeds took to Photoshop and easily put Republican candidate Donald Trump into just about every conceivable classic horror movie you can think of. All of these gave me a chuckle, but I had yet to see someone collect them all into one article. So here’s as many as I could find, all showcased in one spot for your amusement.

trump01 trump02 trump03 trump04 trump05 trump06 trump0714523140_10105028465801078_4001706616369977703_n 14670626_10105028462667358_5503131860313162507_n trump08 trump09trump10 trump11 trump1214650729_10155172702520329_1548650554633439715_n trump13 trump14


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