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Creature Features In Burbank Pays Tribute To The Great Bernie Wrightson

Growing up, I was always a huge Stephen King fan. One of the earliest films I remember seeing on TV was SILVER BULLET, and as a budding young horror fan that was attempting to expand upon my vernacular, I tried to track down whatever King books I could find at the local book store, even if they were at the time a bit out of my reading capacity at the time.

The one that stuck out to me the most was CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF. Since I knew the film, I figured this was a fairly good entry point into the world of King that wasn’t as intimidatingly hefty as his novels for THE STAND or IT, plus it featured all this cool artwork for each month, which is how the chapters were broken up.

Those highly detailed and graphic illustrations were how I first became familiar with the great Bernie Wrightson.


After that, I also delved into the world of comic books and discovered that Bernie has illustrated some of the books I was reading, in particular SWAMP THING.


Right now at Creature Features in Burbank, California, a group of artists are paying tribute to the great Bernie Wrightson with an elaborate exhibit, curated by his son John Wrightson and Creature Features owner Taylor White. We got to take a look at a lot of the art on display this past weekend for the opening reception, but as always, it’s really best if you head down there and check these out for yourself in person. This is one of their shortest shows, as these items will only be on display for one week, through Sunday, October 16th. So don’t fret!

CREATURE FEATURES is located at 2904 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California 91505. You can also visit them on-line at A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each tribute piece of artwork and all merchandise being offered will be donated to Bernie Wrightson. You can also visit Bernie Wrightson’s official website right here.


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