The 13th Floor

Check Out the Creepy New Horror Short Film HAG! is excited to debut the newest horror short from the very talented Erik Gardner. His new film, HAG, was inspired by a true story. Gardner states “HAG was actually conceived as a result of  living with an ex girlfriend of mine. There were some instances of sleepwalking that stirred my creative mind. So, after we broke apart I kept thinking about those instances and then merged them with the old hag syndrome mythology. It was sort of a way of me working out some of my  personal issues after the break up. Most of the stories I write and/or direct has a bit of myself in them.”

Check out the creepy short film HAG below!

Synopsis- Inspired by true events. Scott Somers mysteriously experiences sleep paralysis when his wife Marie sleepwalks at night. Unbeknownst to him, she lives with a horrible secret that slowly begins to eat away at their relationship.

HAG – The Short Film from Erik Gardner on Vimeo.


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