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QUIZ: Which of These Horror Classics Has Been Remade?

Despite an increasing exhaustion with the trend, the continuous remaking of well-known films (usually the ones  that were seminal to Gen-Xers) persists. Many, many studios, resting comfortably on a bed of brand-name recognition, have forced us to re-watch, re-analyze, and reconsider just about anything even vaguely recognizable to a mass audience. It’s easy to see why a studio would want to do this: Instant name recognition will save them a fortune on marketing costs, and re-using a known story will save publicists the headache of trying to describe something new and original.

So many films have been remade since the early 2000s that the phenomenon practically counts as a genre unto itself. Indeed, so many films have been remade at this point that many of us have lost track. What’s more, remakes are not new. A lot of our favorite horror films (John Carpenter’s THE THING and David Cronenberg’s THE FLY, to cite the two most notable examples) were remakes to begin with.

So we now offer the following challenge: Which of the following horror classics has been remade?