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Five of the Scariest Creepypasta Ghost Stories Ever Shared

There’s nothing like a blood-chilling ghost story shared in a dark room… and while tales of malevolent spirits, hauntings and poltergeists have been spun throughout most of human history in some form or another, the uniquely modern phenomenon of viral legends, flash-fiction and spooky memes has elevated the art of the ghost story to a whole new level. Now, instead of huddling beneath blankets with flashlights trying to freak out our friends, we spin our tales of terror by the eerie glow of our phones or tablets… and thanks to the phenomenal rise of the creepypasta community, our audience is more than just a handful of friends, but can often number in the hundreds of thousands.

Creepypasta themes predominantly deal with the paranormal, so naturally ghost stories are among the most popular and consistently shared. Below are just a handful of the many hundreds of chilling examples lurking out there. Of course, I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun of reading these tales by revealing the endings… so if you’re not afraid to risk losing a little sleep tonight, click on each title to open the complete version on the Creepypasta Wiki.

Image Credit: iStock/hutchimagoo
Image Credit: iStock/hutchimagoo


Originally posted by Michael Whitehouse, this tale of creeping horror draws its timeless power from familiar childhood nightmares. It’s recounted by an unnamed adult whose harrowing encounter with the unknown happened at age 8… and the memory of that experience continues to haunt him to this day.

It had been a happy time for that child, who had previously shared bunk beds with his older brother, and finally got the entire room — and the enviable top bunk — to himself. This was both exciting and a bit unnerving, as the small room took on a more sinister cast during the night, but it soon turned terrifying when strange, wheezing noises seemed to be coming from the empty lower bunk… and that small disturbance eventually escalated into a violent quaking. Although it could have been explained away as a nightmare the following morning, the boy was convinced an unseen presence was waiting for him — biding its time until darkness fell again.

Night after night, these incidents worsened, with the invisible thing jabbing, poking and shaking the upper mattress. It obviously wanted something from him, though he had no idea what… until one horrible night, when it revealed its true intentions.

Whitehouse has since expanded on his original post, and he’s planning to publish this new version of “Bedtime” as part of a horror fiction anthology in the near future.

Image Credit: Toronto Star
Image Credit: Toronto Star

The Ghost of Kirby Road

Based on a real-life tragedy which befell a young woman in Vaughn, Ontario, this unnerving ghost story is tied to multiple urban legends which have sprung up around the title locale over the past several decades — some involving allegedly haunted and/or cursed sites in the area, where witnesses have reported hearing the disembodied voices of children and eerie lights in the windows of abandoned houses. But the most unsettling mystery tied to Kirby Road involves a teenager named Sellina Degasperis.

Sellina had been traveling through the area with her sister Morena and their friend Jennifer in 1993 when their station wagon collided with a large truck, killing Sellina instantly and severely injuring the others. While the violent loss of a young life is certainly horrible in itself, certain details in the aftermath of the crash are also quite troubling.


For example, there’s this roadside monument, believed to be near the crash site; not only does it omit Sellina’s surname, it also bears the curious epitaph “I’M A CUTE KID.”

According to the Degasperis family, Sellina is not buried there. However, many visitors the area report unusual occurrences near the monument, as well as a nearby house. Cell phones and GPS devices fail completely, and those drivers who pull over onto the path leading to the house have claimed to have seen a young woman scratching at the doors and windows of their cars… and a few report being chased away by a large truck, the driver of which cannot be seen.

Image Credit: Ocus Focus
Image Credit: Ocus Focus

My Dead Girlfriend

Creepypastas often exploit the way social media and mobile devices allow others access to our private lives in ways we might not always expect… or want. One such intrusion comes in the form of a series of Facebook messages which, according to user natesw — who posted the original story to Reddit in 2014 — could not possibly have come from the indicated sender… because that person reportedly died two years earlier in a horrible car accident.

Nate opened his thread with the chilling line: “My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I’ve got the screenshots. I don’t know what to do.”

He then proceeded to post a series of screenshots from Facebook, showing an exchange with someone calling themselves “Emily” [last named redacted], whom Nate had been dating for five years before the 2012 tragedy.

At first, he assumed Emily’s mother had been maintaining her daughter’s FB account — now in the form of a memorial wall, on which friends and family could post their condolences and share memories. But Emily’s mother told Nate that she had not sent him any messages from that account. Nate then assumed someone had hacked it, and was pulling a tasteless prank.

Whether or not that was truly the case at first, the strange, often incoherent messages continued… and then the behavior became more ominous, as Nate noticed “Emily” was tagging herself in Nate’s uploaded photos, and further messages from her account were simply repeating previous comments Nate himself had written in the past.

One day, “Emily” finally wrote something different… just a single word: “FREEZING.”


More cryptic comments followed, some of them suggesting things that only Emily would know… and then the sender began to write ominous passages which seemed to describe grisly details of the accident. But that’s not the worst part of it.

Check out the image above… which Nate claims to show the outside of his door, and his computer screen can be seen inside. The image was sent to him from Emily’s Facebook account.

Image Credit: iStock/LightKey
Image Credit: iStock/LightKey

The House That Death Forgot

There’s nothing spookier than getting lost on a remote rural road after dark… except maybe arriving at a small roadside inn where nothing is quite what it seems to be. Such waking nightmares include the firsthand account of a woman named “Melinda,” as recounted by Josh Parker, in 2012 via his blog ThereIsSomethingBehindMe.

Traveling a long, lonely and unlit stretch of rural road at 2:30 in the morning. Melinda found herself lost, with no GPS signal or phone reception. Without even a means to call for assistance, she began to search desperately for any occupied building where she could find a functioning telephone.

That’s when she came across “Granny Royce’s Road House.”

What she found was a quaint, antiquated but fairly cozy-looking inn, run by a kindly old widow who claimed the phone lines were down. Politely declining Granny Royce’s offer to stay the night, Melinda found her plans altered again when she discovered all four of her car’s tires had been slashed.

Melinda assumed she was the only guest that night, as there were no other cars outside… but strangely, Granny told here that some of the rooms were occupied. Granny also didn’t seem the least bit curious as to why no other guests had arrived by car. She did, however, make a point of warning Melinda to stay indoors until daylight… and by the time she discovered the reason why, it was too late.

You see, not only did Melinda become hopelessly trapped in the antiquated inn, but she and all the other occupants, including Granny Royce herself, were trapped there as well… and at the mercy of an eternal demonic spirit which can never stop killing.

Image Credit: iStock/PumpizoidA
Image Credit: iStock/PumpizoidA

White With Red

This popular short-but-sharp Creepypasta, which takes place entirely at a remote roadside motel, is one of the earliest stories of its kind to inspire a short film — but instead of breaking down the brief plot details here, I’ll defer to director Brandon Christensen and his cast & crew, who do a superb job of encapsulating the brief story’s essence.



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