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AMERICAN HORROR STORY Maze at Universal Horror Nights Hollywood: Visit Murder House, Freak Show, & Hotel!

This year Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has outdone itself with a great assortment of mazes including HALLOWEEN 2, KRAMPUS, THE EXORCIST, and many more. But the one I was most excited about was the AMERICAN HORROR STORY maze. For years now, this TV show has been a high point of my horror viewing. I’ve watched every episode of every season and could not wait for ROANOKE to begin this Fall. Universal’s Horror Nights was very smart about the maze creation, making sure to focus on several seasons of the show instead of just selecting one.


The maze begins with a trip back to season one’s “Murder House”. Admittedly, I had forgotten a lot of the details about “Murder House” having not seen it since that season first aired. Luckily, many of the plot points came rushing back as they jumped at me from hidden walls. Characters in full black latex lurked in darkened corners, the evil doctor preformed a grisly surgery, and even some of the other characters made appearances including fan favorite Tate. But perhaps my favorite part of this portion of the maze was how meticulously the set designers had recaptured the actual house. It truly felt like I was standing in the middle of the AHS set!

2016 Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood at Universal Studios Hollywood Photo by David Sprague

Next we entered into “Freak Show”. Though this has been my least favorite season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY so far, it made for one hell of a scary maze! The sets ranged from the circus, to weird parlor rooms, to deep in a forest. And of course, Twisty the Clown makes a notable arrival.

The 2016 Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood mazes at Universal Studios Hollywood Photo by David Sprague

Finally, visitors travel into “Hotel”, 2015’s season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Hotel rooms are ornately dressed and even boast the disturbing mattress monster. Vampires roam bricked-up corridors. The Countess’s room is fully preserved along with her strange mutant baby. And James March’s collection of sinful body parts is on display for all to see!

Universal Horror Nights Hollywood is open from now through Saturday, November 5. Visit them online at here to learn more about the event and purchase tickets. This is an absolute must for horror fans in the Southern California area!


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