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This Haunting TV Ad Led a Horrified Viewer to THE QUIET ROOM

Today’s terrifying tale crosses the line from reality to nightmares… and makes it very hard to tell which is more dangerous.

The story originated from a user named Blipcs, and made its way into the community via on April 11, 2013. The author, a self-professed film fanatic, writes about recently witnessing a TV spot for an upcoming independent horror film entitled QUIET ROOM… and says the advertisement utilized what he calls “a relatively fresh concept” which caught his attention.


The ad described a film about a serial killer with a perverse sense of justice, similar to that of Jigsaw in the SAW franchise: the villain apparently judges how his potential victims impact society, and whether they hurt or help others in their lives. Those who fail the killer’s test are murdered according to his own brand of poetic justice.

The author remembers seeing two separate but similar TV spots for the film, but it was the third commercial which caught him off-guard… and left him extremely unsettled.

This ad — which aired at the top of a commercial break during ESPN’s SportsCenter — opened with the film’s title, in simple white text against a black background, for approximately five seconds. It then gave way to a second title, which bore the words “I’M COMING.”


There was no music, but he could detect the faint sound of sobbing or whimpering… and saw the faint silhouettes of several people in the background, while the words “I’M COMING” remained onscreen. There was no other text, and no film clips, credits or other information was shown before the ad simply cut to black.

The author tried his best to forget the disturbing spot, and by the following morning he had mostly forgotten about it… that is, until he met his friend Jeff for lunch later that day. He decided to mention the creepy TV spot to Jeff, who by coincidence had also been watching SportsCenter at the same time… but Jeff claimed that he saw no movie ads of any kind during the commercial breaks.

Confirming that both of them had the same cable TV provider, the author insisted he had seen the ad for QUIET ROOM, along with the ominous “I’M COMING” title card. Jeff assured the author he himself had not seen the ad, but conceded that perhaps he’d missed that particular commercial break.

Image Credit: Cat London

The conversation was eventually forgotten, and several days passed without incident… but one night, during a completely different program, the strange ad aired again. The creepy title was back, but this time some details of the content had changed: some of the faintly-seen weeping figures in the background had become more distinct… and the author thought he could recognize a couple of them, but couldn’t quite identify them.

Panicking, he quickly called Jeff to find out if the same ad was airing on his TV as well… but Jeff tuned to the same channel and claimed to see no such thing.

Once he’d calmed himself, rationalizing away the unnerving TV spot and deciding Jeff might have tuned to the wrong channel, the author finally managed to get to sleep.

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

A sudden surge of panic awakened him in the middle of the night, and his half-awake senses told him something was amiss. Trying to focus, he began to realize he could still hear the distant, agonized wailing of the figures from the QUIET ROOM commercial… but this time, his TV set was turned off.

Hoping he was still dreaming, he tried to clear his mind and awaken himself, but soon became aware that he was indeed fully awake… and that the sounds were getting louder… and closer. He also could hear something else: the sounds of heavy, scraping footsteps in his room.

Huddling beneath his blankets in uncontrollable panic, he tried desperately to block out the sounds… but to his horror, a shadow fell across the covers over his head. In an instant the blankets were snatched away from his bed, revealing the thing that had entered the room.

Image Credit: S Dominick

A tall humanoid figure stood over him, every detail hidden in deep shadow… in fact, it seemed the thing seemed to be carved from the very darkness itself. The only features he could make out were long, skeletal fingers, their tips pointed in razor-sharp talons.

He tried to scream, but terror sucked the air from his lungs… just before the creature stabbed one of those spiky claws into his heart.

Needless to say, the author survived to document his experience… and in those first moments after regaining consciousness, he was relieved to discover his nightmare had simply lasted longer than he’d thought. But he also couldn’t shake an intense feeling of negative emotion — a potent combination of fear, anguish and despair. It was so overwhelming he could feel tears forming in his eyes.

Image Credit: Idal

It was still night when he awoke, and the only light was coming from his bedroom window. At first he thought it was just the light of the full moon… but the moonlight was catching on something much closer.

Through his tears, the author approached the window, shuddering with a sense of impending doom. When he pulled up the blinds, he realized the eerie glow was emanating from a row of illuminated shapes on the window itself: large, white letters, etched or painted onto the glass.

The words were reversed, as if for the benefit of someone on the other side of the window.

They read: “I’M COMING.”


That’s when he heard the wailing voices again… and now he knew, without a shred of doubt, that those other anguished figures he’d glimpsed earlier were in the room with him. Worse, he realized a new cry of despair had joined them… and that cry was coming from his own throat.

Sobbing uncontrollably, he crawled slowly toward the window, trying desperately to see what was out there…

Behind the large white letters, slightly out of focus in the distance, he glimpsed his friend Jeff, sitting on the couch, his face illuminated by the soft glow of a television screen.

Jeff was watching him.


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