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YEAR OF FEAR 2017: Your Favorite Horror Icons Just Got a Whole Lot Sexier in Ama Lea’s New Calendar!

Looking to take the edge off your crippling existential terror while also keeping track of the passage of time?  Well, look no further, because Ama Lea’s YEAR OF FEAR 2017 calendar has got you covered!

LA-based director/photographer Ama Lea has shot her fair share of genre greats including Wes Craven, Stuart Gordon, Kane Hodder, and the Soska Twins (to name a few), as well as countless pinups, magazine covers, and spreads.  Now, with YEAR OF FEAR, Ama has set out to bring out the sultry side of your favorite cinema serial killers!


“I’m known for shooting a lot of women, especially in horror,” said the photographer when asked about the project’s inception. “Even though I love what I do, sometimes I feel a little twang of guilt/disappointment that there is so much exploitation of women in the horror industry … I had recently done a photoshoot with the amazing Barbara Crampton … [and] a lot of internet guys made a lot of lewd comments and kept saying I should make a ‘sexy women in horror calendar.’  I responded rather saltily, ‘I’ll give you a sexy calendar … but it sure won’t be of women!’ From there it exploded with tons of support so I’m like, ‘Okay … I’m in this now.'”

And we’re sure glad she is because this thing is tons of cheeky, foxy fun!  Sexy Freddy?  Check!  Luscious Leatherface? Double check!  (*one for each cheek.)  If you’re gaga for Ghostface or hot for Harry Warden, they make appearances as well! Twelve of your favorite murderous madmen, each stripped down to their bare essentials plus a few signature accoutrements – y’know.. for modesty.


“I tried to choose wisely.  I knew I wanted to stick to mostly slashers and 80s/90s fellas. I chose the big guys Freddy, Jason, etc., because I thought a lot of people would know those ones more than some of the other choices I made.”

Each of the calendar’s dozen arrangements feature a signature blend of tongue-in-cheek sexiness tempered with signature motifs from an array of beloved horror franchises and between the 12 of them, there’s a little something for everybody.

“When I set out, I thought the audience would be women and the gay community but TONS of people of all sexualities have been purchasing the calendar,” Lea says. “The response I’ve gotten is that it’s more funny than sexual which is cool with me … It’s been better than I could have ever expected! I’m incredibly overwhelmed by the response!”

The YEAR OF FEAR 2017 calendar is officially available for pre-order right here on Ama Lea’s website and is expected to start shipping by the beginning of October.  And as an added bonus, if you’re anywhere near Los Angeles, YEAR OF FEAR’s official release party is slated for November 4th at Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Burbank.  The event will be complete with individual prints, models in attendance, and local artists showcasing their own sexy horror renditions, so mark your calendars!  (…once you’ve received them, of course.)

And while we wait for release day, here are a few shots for you to drool over until the mail man gets his shit together.  Enjoy!