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Seraphine Long: The Woman Who Gave Birth to Bigfoot

If you go just by the bullet points, the story of Seraphine Long sounds like a perfect romance novel that can be found at any good book stand in an airport, but in reality (and there is little room for reality in this story) it is terrifying. Seraphine Long did find herself in the arms of someone big and strong… well, not someone… something.

Seraphine Long, as she tells it, was abducted by Bigfoot.

The story of Seraphine Long was first given to the world by J.W. Burns, who was looking for evidence of a creature he would come to call Sasquatch in the western area of Washington. For centuries the Native Americans of the area, the Chehalis told stories of their battles with the local Bigfoot… Bigfoots? Bigfeet? What is the plural for Bigfoot? I think it’s just Bigfoot.

Anywho… as the Chehalis told it, the Bigfoot lived in Mount Morris (which I can’t imagine was the name the Chehalis gave the mountain) having been forced out of the plains. At night, the Chehalis people would see the fires the Bigfoot set in the mountain so that they could look over the lands they lost to the tribe.

Sometimes, a few of the Bigfoot would come out of the mountain and mess with the Chehalis people, but it was nothing the Chehalis couldn’t handle. It was during one of those times when Seraphine Long found herself caught in the middle it all.

Seraphine was just 17 in 1871. She was out and about, doing things that every 17 year old Chehalis girl did (I don’t really know what that is) when her life took a drastic turn. From out of the woods surrounding the mountain came a Sasquatch.

The Sasquatch, as Seraphine told it, snagged her up and carried her into the woods. Once they were deep in the woods, the Sasquatch covered her eyes with pine pitch so she could not see. The Sasquatch took Seraphine to a cave where other Bigfoot were hanging out. As far as Seraphine could figure, these other Bigfoot were the parents of the one who took her.

For a year, Seraphine was held by these Bigfoot. She was, in essence, the property of the Sasquatch who took her from her home. Seraphine said that the Sasquatch was kind to her, and that there was a mutual love between them, but her not being a Bigfoot, she found the life of a Bigfoot to be real difficult. Seraphine became sicker and sicker as throughout the year. Adding to her health issues, she became pregnant.

The Sasquatch that had taken Seraphine covered her eyes in pine pitch again, picked her up, and brought her to the edge of the woods. He set her free, allowing her to return to her people.

Seraphine was stoked to be home, and her family was just as equally stoked to have her home. Seraphine was so stoked that she went into labor. That night, Seraphine Long gave birth to a human/Bigfoot hybrid. The baby lived for only a few hours.

When Seraphine told her story to J.W. Burns, she was well into her 70s, which may be why Burns didn’t push for too many details regarding what was surely a terrible experience for the woman. Seraphine Long passed away not long after telling her story to Burns.

Seraphine Long isn’t the only person to have claimed to give birth to a Bigfoot baby. A woman in Sichuan Province, China claimed to have been abducted and raped by a Yeren, a Chinese Bigfoot.

Most people who are smart (AKA not me) and better understand human nature believe that this woman’s son, who never learned to speak and died at the age of 33, most likely suffered from microcephaly, though that does not explain the man’s height or abnormally long limbs.

Were these women abducted by giant, apelike men? I doubt it. Still, there is a sad truth to their stories. Seraphine Long did go missing for a year, and this woman in China was likely raped. Whatever happened to them, whatever the reality is, it is easier for them to live in a lie than to face the truth.

But then again, maybe they aren’t lying. Maybe Bigfoot is real. We tend to write off things we don’t see as fake, but we forget just how often there are things out there we know nothing about. The Western World was pretty sure the Giant Panda didn’t exist until 1916 when Hugo Weigold brought a living one back from China.

Perhaps Seraphine Long and this woman from China are two of many. Perhaps the others weren’t so lucky as to be let go.

Still, it could all just be horseshit.