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NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING — Download Horror’s Answer to POKEMON GO Now!

You should download NIGHT TERRORS: THE BEGINNING… if you have the stones for it.

This playable teaser of developer Novum Analytics’ augmented reality game is available now for your mobile device, and I personally guarantee it will creep you the hell out.

It works like this: You wait until dark, turn off all the lights, put in some headphones, and start wandering around in the darkness hunting ghosts. NIGHT TERRORS takes control of your phone, giving you exactly as much light as it wants, feeding unnerving sounds into your ears, subtly twisting the images on your screen, and encouraging you to seek out the unspeakable things hidden in your home. It’s like a warped, horror version of POKEMON GO, but you’re collecting unsettling effects, jump scares, and other horrible, amazing things.

I won’t spoil the surprises by getting all in-depth, but the app creates a uniquely unsettling feeling of being in a haunted house and contains a lot more than 99 cents worth of creepiness and scares. If the finished NIGHT TERRORS game lives up to the potential shown by this prequel, it could be horror’s killer app.

Novum Analytics says they’ll be adding content over the next month, for a solid update for Halloween. So get on board early.

Check out the NIGHT TERRORS trailer here!


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