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Five Chilling Creepypastas Involving Deadly Occult Rituals

We’ve previously examined a particularly disturbing viral legend reported by a user known as InfernalNightmare333, who broke down a specific set of rules for an extremely spooky party game, through which the player(s) could allegedly summon Satan himself. But it’s been a while since we visited other nightmarish so-called “games” and similar arcane rituals circulating among the creepypasta community.

It’s time we corrected that deficit.

Here’s a summary of five particularly frightening viral tales about casual and/or serious dabblers in occult ceremonies, tests and other practices, most of which end very badly for those who fail to follow the rules and instructions to the letter… and sometimes, simply participating itself will lead them to certain doom.

Image Credit: Marina Zg
Image Credit: Marina Zg

The Dark Reflection

Much like “The Devil Game,” this ritual involves a mirror and candles… but beyond that, the rules are quite different, though no less ominous. It’s based on the old superstition that a person’s reflection houses the “dark side” of their being; this may be the reason why breaking a mirror brings bad luck, as it releases that negativity into our world.

The author recommends using as old a mirror as possible for this, as it theoretically would house the highest concentration of negative energy due to longer use. Then, in the early morning hours before dawn, the participants should do the following:

Look into the mirror and concentrate on your own reflection, thus adding your own energy to it; then breathe on the mirror’s surface, which will briefly create a fog of condensation (they describe this as “anointing” the mirror). Once every participant has done this, they should then light a candle and hold it to the mirror long enough to create a scorch mark. After this has been done by everyone, a volunteer should then break the mirror.

According to the author, this will release a mass of concentrated negative energy upon all those within a small radius of the mirror. At first, this seems like a foolish action, but they insist that this potent dose of negativity is only temporary, and will be released by the following morning. The result is a purging of bad luck from everyone involved, leading to success and good fortune… but with one very important stipulation: you may not survive long enough to enjoy it.

The only way to improve your odds of survival is to conduct a single mirror ritual with as many people as possible, so the negative energy will be “diluted” as it disseminates through multiple participants.

Image Credit: Lumase
Image Credit: Lumase

The Midnight Game

The author who posted the rules of this ominous ritual (which bears a strong resemblance to “The Devil Game”) claims it to be a modernization of an ancient pagan practice, through which, as legend would have it, a demonic being known as “The Midnight Man” could be summoned to grant a wish to those who call him. The downside to this, of course, is that the Midnight Man can turn the slightest indiscretion or violation of the rules into a fate worse than death for all involved.

As the title indicates, the ritual must begin precisely at Midnight, and concludes at exactly 3:33 am. The player(s) must conduct the ritual in a room with a closed wooden door. They must also bring a candle, pen and paper, matches and salt… as well as a few drops of their own blood.

The following must take place before the clock reaches 12:01: the player writes their name on the paper, and adds a drop of their blood to it. Then they light the candle and turn off all other lights in the room. The paper is then placed in front of the closed door, and the lit candle placed on the paper. Once this is done, the player must knock 22 times… and remember that this must be completed before 12:01.

After knocking, open the door, then extinguish the candle and close the door again. According to legend, you have just admitted the Midnight Man into your home. Immediately relight the candle, and leave the room, taking care to keep the candle burning. Walk throughout the house, leaving all lights out, keeping matches or a lighter with you. Concentrating on your wish, while simultaneously keeping close watch on the flame, and be alert for any drops in temperature or the sound of faint whispers, which hint that the Midnight Man is nearby.

Continue this until precisely 3:33 am. If the flame goes out, this means the Midnight Man has found you, and you have only ten seconds to relight it. If you fail to do this, it’s said he will conjure your greatest fear before disemboweling you where you stand.

Image Credit: Innovated Captures
Image Credit: Innovated Captures

The Three Kings

Any game which is prefaced with the words “Please don’t actually try this” is sure to attract a few reckless thrill-seekers… and this one, which originally appeared in Reddit’s NoSleep forum (credited to Redditor FableForge), actually bore that phrase as the post’s title, before being changed in its transition to the Creepypasta Wiki. So naturally, we’re more than a little curious about it.

Despite the scare tactics of the original title, the author claims “The Three Kings” ritual is “relatively safe” [emphasis theirs], and describes how following its rules will allow the player to access something called “The Shadowside” — which they hint is a kind of alternate reality, normally glimpsed only within our dreams.

The ritual, which is also quite similar to “The Devil Game,” has a lengthy list of specific requirements, but most importantly it must take place in a dark, quiet and windowless room, and the player must have two mirrors and three chairs and a candle ready to light when the game begins. The player must also be accompanied by a trusted friend or family member if things go wrong.

The room must be set up prior to Midnight, in a specific configuration, which FableForge spells out in extreme detail. The chairs are arranged as three “thrones,” on which the player takes the central position of “King,” with the others representing the “Queen” and “Fool.” The room must then be left alone from Midnight until 3:30 am. After that time has elapsed, the player must take their place on the King’s throne, with their candle lit the entire time… then they must stare straight ahead into the darkness.

FableForge claims that, for the next one hour and one minute, the player will be able to ask questions, which will be answered (it’s not specified by whom or what), and they may also be asked questions themselves. The player must remain in this position and not look anywhere else but straight ahead until precisely 4:34 am. If the candle is accidentally extinguished, the player can call upon their trusted companion to re-light it, but cannot move or shift their eyes from the same spot.

The author never mentions what might happen if the rules are broken… but remember, the post used to be titled “Please don’t actually try this”…

Image Credit: JMDissPain
Image Credit: JMDissPain

Solo Hide-and-Seek

Don’t be misled by the playful name… this particular game, which may have originated in Japan, is not for kids; in fact, it’s one of the creepiest and potentially dangerous rituals circulating among the creepypasta community. For example, the procedure involves a stuffed doll (a key ingredient for nightmares), and the anonymous user who posted the instructions describes it as “a ritual for contacting the dead.” That should be enough to scare away the casually curious.

All others are instructed to do the following in preparation: remove the doll’s original stuffing and replace it with rice, enough to return it to its proper shape. Then add clippings from your own fingernails and sew the doll back up with crimson thread. Then use more thread to bind the doll tightly. Fill a bathtub with tap water, then also fill a drinking cup with salt water. Place this cup in a designated “hiding place,” which is a room separate from the bath. This room should be blessed with incense, and must also contain a functioning TV set. Now you’re ready to begin the “game.”

Give your doll a name (anything but your own name), and at precisely 3 am, repeat to the doll three times: “[Name], you’re it.” Then immerse the doll in the bathtub, turn out the lights and return to your hiding place. Close your eyes and count to ten — as if playing regular Hide and Seek — then take a sharp knife and return to the tub. Pick up the doll, addressing it with the words “I found you, [Name],” and stab it with the knife. Then tell the doll, “[Name], you’re it,” and place it on the bathroom counter, after which you must quickly return to your hiding place. Once there, drink half of the salt water without swallowing, holding it in your mouth.

Then it’s time for you to “seek” the doll… which, the author adds, will probably not be in the same place you left it. Search the house until you find it, at which time you must pour the remaining salt water on it, then spit the water from your mouth onto it. Repeat the words “I win!” three times.

If all the rules have been followed, the TV screen will begin to change, and it’s claimed that the spirits of the dead will communicate with you through that screen — using sound, images or both. It’s implied that you may be able to ask them questions as well.

After repeating a stern warning about the consequences of breaking any of the rules (or just messing around with necromancy in general), one user also shared the above video, which purports to show changes in a television signal which occurred 40 minutes after the poster played the game. Frankly, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in this clip, so we’ll let you decide…


Tomino no Jigoku (Tomino’s Hell)

Also originating in Japan, our final eerie entry allegedly traces its roots to a modern legend within that country: the story itself revolves around the title poem, an excerpt from the book The Heart is Like a Rolling Stone, written by Yomota Inuhiko. The poem is included in the 27th volume of a vast collection of poems curated by Saizo Yaso, and the urban legend that evolved from it is rumored to have begun shortly after the collection was published in 1919… but the rumors did not reach wider recognition until the poem was posted to 2chan within the past decade.This legend claims that the poem is actually a horrific curse — which can be instantly triggered by reciting the verses out loud.

Along with the usual embellished or completely fictional stories from 2chan users about the consequences of reciting “Tomino’s Hell,” there are just as many (or more) posts indicating that no harm or misfortune befell anyone who dared to recite it. But there are also several posts from users claiming they had indeed read it aloud… and some of these users were never heard from again.

There are conflicting accounts about whether the poem must be recited in the original Japanese in order for the curse to be triggered… but some of the users who “vanished” from 2chan claimed to have read the English version.

Here’s the entire poem, in both languages, including phonetic Japanese, in case you feel like giving it a try for yourself. But don’t say we didn’t warn you…


ane wa chi wo haku, imoto wa hibaku,

His older sister vomited blood, his younger sister vomited fire,


可愛いトミノは 宝玉(たま)を吐く。

kawaii tomino wa tama wo haku

And the cute Tomino vomited glass beads.



hitori jigoku ni ochiyuku tomino,

Tomino fell into Hell alone,



jigoku kurayami hana mo naki.

Hell is wrapped in darkness and even the flowers don’t bloom.



muchi de tataku wa tomino no ane ka,

Is the person with the whip Tomino’s older sister,


鞭の朱総(しゅぶさ)が 気にかかる。

muchi no shubusa ga ki ni kakaru.

I wonder whose blood is on it?



tatakeya tatakiyare tatakazu totemo,

Hit, hit, without hitting,



mugen jigoku wa hitotsu michi.

Infinite Hell’s one road.



kurai jigoku e anai wo tanomu,

Would you lead him to the dark Hell,



kane no hitsuji ni, uguisu ni.

To the sheep of gold, to the bush warbler.



kawa no fukuro niya ikura hodo ireyo,

Fit as much as you can into the leather sack,



mugen jigoku no tabijitaku.

For the preparation of the journey in the familiar Hell.


春が 来て候(そろ)林に谿(たに)に、

haru ga kite soro hayashi ni tani ni,

Spring is coming even in the forest and the stream,



kurai jigoku tani nana magari.

Even in the seven valley streams of the dark Hell.



kago niya uguisu, kuruma niya hitsuji,

The bush warbler in the birdcage, the sheep in the wagon,



kawaii tomino no me niya namida.

Tears in the eyes of cute Tomino.



nakeyo, uguisu, hayashi no ame ni

Cry, bush warbler, toward the raining forest


妹恋しと 声かぎり。

imouto koishi to koe kagiri.

He shouts that he misses his little sister.



nakeba kodama ga jigoku ni hibiki,

The crying echo reverberates throughout Hell,



kitsune botan no hana ga saku.

The fox penoy blooms.



jigoku nanayama nanatani meguru,

Circling around Hell’s seven mountains and seven streams,



kawaii tomino no hitoritabi.

The lonely journey of cute Tomino.


地獄ござらばもて 来てたもれ、

jigoku gozaraba mote kite tamore,

If they’re in Hell bring them to me,



hari no oyama no tomehari wo.

The needle of the graves.



akai tomehari date ni wa sasanu,

I won’t pierce with the red needle,



kawaii tomino no mejirushini.

In the milestones of little Tomino.


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