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31 Horror Films for October: Elric Kane (Co-Host, Shockwaves Podcast)

Each week on Shock Waves, we recommend a ton of horror movies, but because our audience is truly insatiable, we’ve each been asked to create a personalized viewing list of 31 films to watch this October.
This is not a list of my favorite 31 films (though many are on both lists). It’s a curated list of films that would set the Halloween mood for me. I’ve chosen mostly readily available titles, but for the fans of the obscure I have included 5 deep cut titles at the end for you to alternate if you can track a copy down.

I’ve timed my list for the actual month of October so the film you watch on the 13th or the 31st are themed. But watch one or all of them in any order you like. The main thing is watch some horror movies this October, and keep things spooky!

  1. THE FOG – Dir. Carpenter (1980)
  2. HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT 2 – Dir. Pittman (1987)hello-mary-lou-prom-night-ii
  3. ALONE IN THE DARK – Dir. Shoulder (1982)
  4. BIRTH – Dir. Glazer (2004)
  5. POLTERGEIST 3 – Dir. Sherman (1988)
  6. DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE – Dir. Ellison (1979)
  7. CHERRY FALLS – Dir. Wright (2000)
  8. THE CHANGELING – Dir. Medak (1980)
  10. THE UNKNOWN – Dir. Browning ( 1927)annex-chaney-sr-lon-unknown-the_nrfpt_02
  11. PHENOMENA – Dir. Argento (1985)
  12. GOD TOLD ME TO – Dir. Cohen (1976)
  13. A BAY OF BLOOD – Dir. M. Bava (1971) (What better film to watch on the 13th then the one F13th stole the formula from!)a-bay-of-blood-1972-poster1
  14. SHADOW OF A VAMPIRE- Dir. Merhige (2000)
  15. THE BLOB- Dir. Russell (1988)blob
  16. THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETREY – Dir. Fulci (1981)
  17. TOURIST TRAP – Dir. Schmoeller (1979)
  18. XTRO – Dir. Davenport (1982)
  19. THE PIT – Dir. Lehman (1981)
  20. DEMONS – Dir. L. Bava (1985)mask
  21. ONIBABA- Dir. Shindo (1964)
  22. PIN – Dir. Stern (1988)(*Look for me on the Projection Booth podcast episode for this film in October*)
  23. DEAD ALIVE – Dir. Jackson (1992) (Back when PJ made the good stuff!)
  24. BURNT OFFERINGS – Dir. Curtis (1976)burnt_offerings_poster_03-1
  25. BODY PARTS – Dir. Red (1991)
  26. PIECES – Dir. Piquer Simon (1982)
  27. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (Re-make) – Dir. Savini (1990)
  28. THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL – Dir. West (2009)
  29. THE DEVIL RIDES OUT- Dir. Fisher (1968)devilridesout2
  30. HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH- Dir. Wallace (1982)
  31. THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD- Dir. Nighby & Hawks (1951)

**This is what they’re watching in Halloween (’78) on Halloween – so should you!**


5 Hard to find (out of Print) Replacements for “Deep cut” fans:

SOLE SURVIVOR – Dir. Eberhardt (1983)

NECRONOMICON: BOOK OF THE DEAD – Dir. Gans, Kaneko, Yuzna (1993)

FRIGHT NIGHT 2- Dir. Wallace (1988)

RITUALS aka THE CREEPER – Dir. Carter (1977)

LIVID – Dir. Bustillo & Maury (2011)


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