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A Stranger in My Wall: Terrifying True Tales of Unseen “House Guests”

You guys, I have a fork problem. For some reason, my forks were all going missing, and eventually I had only one left. So we got new forks, and so far they seem to be sticking around. But I just can’t get over an entire set of forks (save one) disappearing out of my apartment with neither myself nor my husband knowing where they’ve gone… and no, we didn’t take them to work with our lunches, because we are way too lazy to pack lunches.

Instead, I fear something worse is going on.

We’ve all been taking a shower when we’ve thought we heard someone else in the house with us, right? Sure, it’s probably just your imagination, your pets, or your kids.

But of course, it could be a random stranger living in your walls…

Image Credit: iStock/Roberto David
Image Credit: iStock/Roberto David

Home, Sweet Attic

Remember when you were a kid and you practically lived at your best friend’s house, or them at yours? Either way, you were totally cool with it and aware of their existence at all times. But this is taking things too far…

In September of 1941, Edward Coneys visited his friend Philip Peters, only to find his friend gone upon his arrival. Instead of waiting around to ask his friend if he could crash for the winter, Coneys made a home out of Peters’ attic, where he lived unknown for several weeks, coming out to eat and wander around when Peters was gone.

One day in mid-October, Coneys decided to pop out for some lunch only to discover Peters napping. Startled, Peters didn’t recognize the man standing before him, and was unable to dodge Coneys’ attack. He beat the 73-year-old man to death, and climbed back into his hidey-hole. When police arrived, they noticed there were no signs of forced entry — because all of the windows and doors were locked from the inside. Without a suspect, the police left.

Mrs. Peters, now widowed, hired several housekeepers… but all of them left, claiming to hear things and that the house was haunted. She moved out of the home shortly after, and lived with their son. After the house was empty, people would see lights on at night in various rooms, but they too just assumed the house was haunted.

Police finally started doing surveillance, and on June 30th, 1942 — 11 months after moving in — Coneys was caught after being seen in a window. Finally, they raided the home and caught Coneys as he was attempting to slip back into the attic.

Why didn’t anyone look there before? Because they just assumed the door was too small for anyone to fit through.

Image Credit: iStock/Syldavia
Image Credit: iStock/Syldavia

Under the Bed

Workplace romances rarely turn out to be great ideas, and they almost never end well when only one person seems to be involved. For example, take the case of Carlo Castellanos-Feria and Michelle Fredenburg-Onion: both worked at the same hospital, and Carlo soon became obsessed with Michelle. One day he took her keys, got a copy made, and returned them before she noticed. Carlo then went to her apartment, installed a small camera on her desk in the bedroom, and set up shop. When Michelle and her boyfriend came home, Carlo would hide under the bed.

Carlo’s creepy plan worked for exactly two days — until Michelle’s boyfriend caught him. He was found under the bed with a power cord, a change of clothes, latex gloves, and condoms.

Police would later raid the man’s home and find six framed photos of Michelle, and countless other unframed ones. He even had a video from Michelle’s first wedding, which he obtained by breaking into her ex-husband’s home. He was convicted and sentenced to two years and two months in prison.

Horror film fact: Director Daniel Myrick, of BLAIR WITCH fame, made a film inspired by this unsettling event called UNDER THE BED.

Image Credit: iStock/Tolgart
Image Credit: iStock/Tolgart

Trapped in the Closet

I lose things all the time, so if things go missing in my place I just assume they are gone forever… or in the refrigerator. But when food started going missing from a man’s apartment in Kasuya, Japan, he thought someone was breaking in. After setting up security cameras the man received texts from the system showing him pictures of someone in his home. He called the police, but once they got there they found the apartment entirely locked.

After gaining entrance to the apartment, Police began searching and found 58-year-old woman Tatsuko Horikawa living in the man’s closet. She was apparently homeless, and had entered the apartment one day when the door was unlocked. She then took up residence on the top shelf of a closet… for an entire year. She managed to keep her activities hidden by showering and eating while the man was out.

This wasn’t the first case for Horikawa, either; she’d secretly lived in several other people’s homes in the past.