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SyFy Launches a Terrifying New Trailer for Creepypasta Series CHANNEL ZERO

During my recent follow-up coverage on CANDLE COVE — one of the most chilling and infamous of all creepypasta tales to circulate the web — I mentioned that SyFy’s new creepypasta-based anthology series CHANNEL ZERO would be taking that particular tale as the source material for a six-episode narrative arc.

SyFy has been keeping details under wraps until recently, when they launched an incredibly dark and disturbing trailer for the series, which you can see below:

In case you’re unfamiliar with CANDLE COVE (or our coverage of that eerie phenomenon), in short it’s a viral legend surrounding a strange children’s TV puppet show set in a world of wacky pirates and various odd creatures… and those who claim to remember the show also recall some extremely disturbing things about it.

CHANNEL ZERO premieres on Tuesday, October 11, and SyFy has also posted some nightmarish clips from the show… you know, in case you’re wondering exactly what horrors you’ll be getting yourself into.