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5 New Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix just added several more film and TV titles, including some great horror media. Check out five horror-fueled items that recently arrived on Netflix Instant below.



From Anthony DiBlasi (director of another Netflix hit- LAST SHIFT) this film looks at a 10-year high school reunion and a killer who is murdering people in the theme of their year book superlatives.MOST LIKELY TO DIE has a total old school, fun slasher feel.


DEAD SET (TV Show) (2008) (Cover photo)


This British TV show focuses on a reality show very much like BIG BROTHER that is taping right as a zombie outbreak occurs outside. The goal of the party-driven housemates/contestants shifts from the reality angle of the show to trying to stay alive, but some of the drama keeps flaring up. The show ranges from hilarious to terrifying, and the presentation is really smart.




This Korean film is set in an all-girls boarding school in the 1930s. A sick girl is sent there to recover from her illness, but she soon realizes that the other girls are slowly going missing, and her own body is undergoing some very strange changes.


DARLING (2015)


From director Mickey Keating comes a brutal and rather experimental exploration as a girl’s psyche as she becomes the caretaker of a swanky New York mansion. While she explores her new environment, she starts losing her marbles and then things get really freaking brutal and gory.




Though not a true horror movie, THE DWARVENAUT has an enough cross-over content that it will appeal to horror fans all the same. This is a quirky documentary about an understated, yet passionate artist who makes miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. This charming and captivating documentary was one of the highlights of my recent trip to the Fantasia Film Festival.


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