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10 Terrifying International Horror Films You Likely Missed

Let’s take a trip around the world with some international horror deep cuts. Some of these films were never released in the USA or were never given the acclaim they deserve, but they all are scary as hell!

COMING SOON (2008, Thailand)

This is one of the most frightening horror films I have seen in a long time. A theater projectionist becomes convinced that a new horror film they are screening has released a ghost that is now killing his co-workers. But the truth is far more terrifying!

How to See It: This film has never been released in the USA to the best of my knowledge. So this is a great time to invest in a region-free DVD/Blu-ray player.



I’M NOT SCARED (2003, Italy)

A young boy discovers a horrifying crime that has been covered up by his entire small town. This has a Hitchcock-like level of tension brewing throughout.

How to See It: DVD



THE DOLL MASTER (2004, Korea)(Cover photo)

Five strangers arrive at a doll museum after receiving a letter stating that a doll is being created in their image. Then things get really bizarre and brutal.

How to See It: It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime!



TEKE TEKE (2009, Japan)

This has a rather standard J-horror plot about a ghost that if seen will kill you within three days. But the ghost is legless and haunts a subway station! These are seriously grade-A jump scares on the same level of terror as JUON or RINGU. There is also a part 2 which devolves into silly fun.

How to See it: I don’t think this one has ever been released stateside, so invest in a region-free player.



13B (2009, India)

13B is spine-tinglingly creepy, and the score is absolutely killer! After moving into a new condo, a family begins to realize that weird occurrences in their own lives are paralleling that of a TV show.

How to See it: DVD



FERMAT’S ROOM (2007, Spain)

An inventor and three mathematicians are locked into a room and forced to solve equations while the walls slowly close in. The equations part sounds like it would be a tad dry to watch, but this movie is a taut thriller cleverly blended with just a touch of math nerd.

How to See it: Blu-ray, DVD, and currently streaming on Shudder



TESIS (1996, Spain)

A graduate student working on her thesis, which focuses on audiovisual violence, uncovers a snuff film featuring the death of a former student at the university.

How to See It: DVD or BluRay



LE CORBEAU (1943, French)

This film has a rather fascinating history as it was banned after World War 2 and then later remade by director Otto Preminger as THE 13TH LETTER. Though Preminger’s version is great, I always found the original to be more terrifying even though it does seem to have some war-based political slants. Based on a true story, the movie looks at “poison pen” letters that are anonymously sent out to residents in a small French town.

How to See it: Criterion Collection released a fancy DVD version.



THE BABY’S ROOM (2006, Spain)

A new father becomes frighteningly aware of a ghost that seems to be stalking his newborn son, and he can only see the specter through a baby monitor. This one has amazing jump scares!

How to See it: Released stateside as part of the “6 Films to Keep You Awake Collection”. The collection is also available for rent on Amazon VOD.



JULIA’S EYES (2010, Spain)

A woman suffering from a degenerative eye disease must find her sister’s killer before she loses her eyesight forever.

How to See it: Blu-ray or DVD, and it is also currently streaming on Shudder.