The 13th Floor

Exclusive Horror’s Hallowed Grounds Clip: Check Out the Filming Locations of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is thrilled to host this exclusive video from the awesome show Horror’s Hallowed Grounds.

Synopsis: Horror’s Hallowed Grounds is a retrospective on classic horror filming locations. In each episode, host Sean Clark spotlights one particular film and retraces the steps of the filmmakers by visiting the original filming locations sometimes decades later. Episodes have included special guests Tom Atkins, Robert Rusler, P.J. Soles, Tommy Lee Wallace, Zach Galligan, Jon Bernthal, Don Shanks, James Duval, Marshall Bell, David Della Rocco, Jason Lively, Amanda Wyss, Caroline Williams and Heather Langenkamp to name a few.

Check out a fantastic clip from their A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET episode below!