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We’ve Uncovered Jordan Peele’s TOP 5 Horror Movies!

Comedian Jordan Peele was the special guest on the latest episode of the Shock Waves podcast, presented by and it was to celebrate and talk about all things horror! Although he’s mostly known for his work on the hit sketch comedy series KEY & PEELE, as well the recent flick KEANU, Peele recently wrapped production on a straight forward horror pic titled GET OUT for Blumhouse Productions, expected out next year, and chatted candidly with the hosts about his deep love for the genre.

Among the fun bits to come out of the discussion, Peele named M. Night Shyamalan as one of his current favorite genre helmers. “His scares haunt my shit!” he playfully admitted on the podcast.


When asked if he ever tried to pay tribute to the filmmaker on Key & Peele, he said, “we did have a sketch we never did actually that we wrote in the 1st or 2nd season. I was trying to be M. Night’s assistant. And Keegan was playing M. Night Shyamalan. Somehow, in the interview we was keeping me on my toes, and he was conducting the interview like one of his movies, all the way to the twist ending.” 

Although the sketch never made the light of day, he reaffirmed what a huge admirer he is.

We also couldn’t help but to ask what his top 5 horror movies were. They are, in no particular order, as follows!

John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN
Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS

Of THE BIRDS, Peele said, “I love the B movie concept done in a elevated way. And that’s the master of all of them.”

You can listen to all of this and more in episode 16 of the Shock Waves podcast, embedded below for your convenience. We thought we’d also leave you with a handful of horror related skits below that we recommend checking out either before the episode, or just for the hell of it, because they’re pretty darned funny! Enjoy!

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The ultimate practical joke in “The Flicker,” referenced by Elric in our latest episode: