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That Time When Freddy Krueger Was On Japanese TV!

Bless the Internet. My friend Michael Gilmore regularly forwards me some of the weirdest and most bizarre things he can find, usually from just casually combing the vaults of You Tube. But here’s one that even stumped him and demanded an explanation.

He sent me the following video, which appears to have Freddy Krueger participating in a few random skits on some television show. And the guy playing Freddy looks pretty spot-on when compared to his on-screen counterpart. But… that can’t be Robert Englund, Can it?

Have a look for yourself.

No, you’re not dreaming. The above really happened!

And even stranger is the fact that it’s really Robert Englund reprising the role of everyone’s favorite bastard son of a thousand maniacs! After a bit of research, it turns out this was an appearance that Englund made on a Japanese variety show called “Kato-Chan Ken-Chan Gokigen.” This aired sometime in late 1987 and is easily one of the weirdest movie tie-ins to the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series of ever. That is, until FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES arrived 2 years later!