The 13th Floor

There’s a Reward for Escaping “NoEnd House” — But Is It Worth the Risk?

This story, related by a young man named David Williams, might seem on the surface to be a particularly creepy account of one man’s journey through a mysterious and challenging maze… but as you’ll soon learn, he may have been tested on a much deeper and darker level…

It began when a troubled college buddy named Peter contacted David online after many months of silence; their conversation revolved around an old house at the edge of town — whose unseen owner issued a standing challenge to anyone willing to navigate the maze-like structure and find each of nine rooms, after which they would apparently claim a $500 reward.

Peter had once tried the test, but was unable to locate all nine rooms… also, he seemed to have been deeply traumatized by his visit to “NoEnd House,” for reasons he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) explain. Peter had a reputation for drug use, so David dismissed his reaction as paranoia or delusion.

But David still wanted to explore NoEnd House for himself… on the off-chance that the challenge and reward was genuine.

Image Credit: Giorgio Fochesato

As it turned out, the house did exist, exactly where Peter said it would be… and when David arrived, he felt there was something slightly off about it. Something he couldn’t quite place.

But once inside, he was relieved to see that the old, empty house was set up very much like a Halloween maze, complete with seasonal decorations and a welcoming sign in the foyer indicating where to begin.

“Room 1 this way,” it read. “Eight more follow. Reach the end and you win!”

With that, David began his journey.

The first two rooms were marked by numbers etched deeply into their corresponding doors. David got a laugh out of the rather cheesy Halloween decorations that adorned them: fake spider webs, flapping plastic bats and discount-store fog machines, to the accompaniment of stock music and sound effects.

But there was something unsettling about the third room.

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No cheap decorations here — instead, he found only a single chair, sparsely illuminated by a dim lamp; the entire room was bathed in dense shadows. Fighting the uneasy feeling in his gut, David crossed the room and reached for the knob at the opposite door… but it would not open.

Looking for a clue to escape, he noticed the shadows in the room had changed while his back was turned. Not just changed… they were gone. Even his own shadow could not be seen anymore.

Suddenly overcome with panic, David ran for the door in an attempt to break through… and was shocked when it gave way freely, causing him to tumble into the fourth room.

There were no shadows here; only total, complete darkness… and silence. Even the light from the third room failed to penetrate the abyss as the door closed behind him, and he couldn’t even hear the sound of his own panicked breathing. The silence was finally broken by a low, constant hum which gradually increased in volume… and it was then that David began to sense a presence in the blackness.

As the noise escalated to a loud, painful screeching, he staggered through the room, fumbling desperately for an escape… and finally found it, turning a knob and hurtling blindly into the fifth room, falling to the floor in a daze.

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As his eyes adjusted to the new light, David realized he was surrounded by trees… not artificial, but the real thing. The room itself was immense, with a high ceiling and no sign of the surrounding walls, and he could hear the sounds of insects and birds all around him.

This indoor forest seemed strangely pleasant at first… until he could feel insects swarming him, biting painfully. But the most horrible thing about the sudden attack was the fact that he couldn’t see the bugs at all. He could only feel them crawling, biting every inch of his exposed flesh.

Shuddering in pain and terror, David crawled forward, every agonizing inch like a mile… until finally, he reached the door. As he grasped for the knob, his body reeling from shock and fatigue, he began to hear the humming again. This time it was coming from behind the door with a number 6 carved into it.

The horrors of room 5 paled in comparison to what he encountered inside room 6.

At first, he saw what looked like an exact copy of room 3 — a single chair, illuminated by a faint lamp. But there was a difference: there was no exit door… and when he turned to look behind him, the entrance door had vanished as well. He was trapped.

In silent desperation, David clawed at the wall where the door to room 7 should have been, digging into the plaster until his fingers became raw and bloody, his nails split and torn… but there was nothing beyond but a solid brick wall. He was about to cry out in anguish when he heard the voice:

“Are you all right?”

The voice came from behind him. Instinctively he whirled to find the source… and came face-to-face with a strange little girl.

Image Credit: RBV

She seemed inhumanly delicate, with long, golden hair, pale skin and gleaming blue eyes, clad in a soft, ankle-length white dress. But there was something else about her… something inside.

He claimed he could see another figure occupying the same space as the girl… not a human, but something far more horrifying: a beast, covered with thick, black hair, with hooves for feet, a fanged, wolf-like snout and large ram’s horns crowning its head.

His mind overwhelmed with terror, David couldn’t make out how the two beings seemed to occupy the exact same location… but his instincts told him they were one and the same.

“David,” it addressed him, still in the little girl’s voice. “you should have listened.”

He fought against his fear with every last ounce of remaining energy, convinced he was somehow being shown a glimpse of Hell. It took more strength just to crawl across the floor than he’d ever expended in his life… but somehow, he managed to drag himself away from the thing that followed him.


“You shouldn’t have come,” it whispered, now standing just inches from him, its hot breath on his skin. He gathered the last of his nerve to focus on the wall beyond it… and that’s when he saw the wall where he’d clawed desperately at the wood and plaster.

In his delirious panic, he had managed to scratch the number 7 into the wall… and around that number he could make out a faint, rectangular outline. It was the size and shape of a door.

He ran toward it, pushing and pounding, but nothing gave way. All the while, the demonic thing was approaching him, taunting now, promising him that there was no escape from this room… from this hell.

Feeling his mind breaking, David screamed, his eyes wrenched shut… but when he finally opened them again, the beast was gone.

He was alone once again… and there was a door before him, with the number 7 etched into it.

He turned the knob and entered what he thought was the next room… and found himself outdoors. Not an interior forest, as before… but actually outside the NoEnd House.

Image Credit: Giorgio Fochesato

Shaking in shock and pain, he staggered toward his car and drove home, never looking back. Dismissing the lost reward, he was grateful to have escaped that place alive.

When he arrived at his own house, he immediately began to realize something wasn’t right — his cat, normally affectionate, responded to him with fear and aggression. He dismissed the reaction for the moment and took a shower, hoping he could get a bite to eat and sleep later that night. But when he came downstairs, his feelings of unease gave way to complete horror at what he found.

His parents’ naked bodies were on the floor, mutilated nearly beyond recognition… except their faces, which seemed to be smiling euphorically.

Image Credit: Vika Valter

Wracked with shock, grief and repulsion, David fell to his knees, vomiting and sobbing… and that’s when he saw the door. A door he’d never seen before in his house.

A door marked in blood… with the number 8.

He could feel his mind slipping into madness when he started to hear that ominous humming again. He knew he had to muster up what little strength was left in his mind and body, and tried to make his way toward the door to the eighth room.

The humming increased in volume, becoming a massive rumble which shook the entire house. It seemed as if the walls would collapse around him before he reached the door… and then he saw that the bodies scattered on the floor were moving. Their smiling faces were beginning to form words. David couldn’t bear to hear what they might say.

Finally, he made it through the blood-streaked door… and despite the devastation to his mind, he soon realized the eighth room held horrors even more diabolical than those he’d left behind.

It was the same room with the chair again, and no means of escape… but this time, a man was sitting in the chair.

That man was David.

Image Credit: John Gomez

Somehow, he was looking into his own eyes… which were filling with fear and desperation.

“Don’t do it,” said the man who looked exactly like him, in David’s own voice. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Who are you?” David asked his eerie twin. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Yes… yes, you are,” said the man, crying now, beginning to rock back and forth in the chair. “If you want to leave, you’re going to hurt me.”

Tenuously embracing the insanity of conversing with an exact copy of himself, he tried to find the words to console him… and that’s when he saw a red patch sewn onto the twin’s shirt: it was the number 9.

He then noticed something else new in the room… a small object beneath the chair, with a note attached. The note contained the words “To David — From Management.”

The object was a knife.

Image Credit: Ananaline

The other David continued to sob uncontrollably… until he saw David pick up the knife.

“What do you think you’re going to do?” the twin asked, his voice now quiet.

“I’m going to get out of here,” David answered, feeling tears on his own face as well.

Upon hearing this, the twin stood, looking David straight in the eye, unblinking. It was like looking in a mirror. He responded calmly, his voice now deeper.

“Now I’m going to hurt you,” the twin said. “I’m going to hurt you, and I’m going to keep you here.”

The twin made a move as if to attack… and instantly, instinctively, David hurled himself at him, knocking him to the floor. The hum throbbed in his ears, pounding in his skull, as the other David looked up at him with terror.

David drove the knife directly into the red 9 on the man’s chest… and all at once, the room was plunged into total darkness and silence. He fell, seemingly weightless, through that silent abyss for what seemed like an eternity… long enough that he began to think he was doomed to remain in this void forever. He was certain he was in Hell.

Then, the moment that thought entered his mind, he saw a distant light. At the same instant, he could feel the floor again. Fighting back the wild panic that had engulfed him, he gathered his strength and his wits… and began to walk slowly toward that light. As he approached it, it began to take shape: a vertical slash in the darkness… like a slightly open door.

Image Credit: Yigit Deniz Ozdemir

He passed through… and found himself back in the foyer where he had first begun his journey through NoEnd House.

Only one thing had changed: there was an envelope sitting on the table, with the name “David” written on it. Proceeding carefully, he picked it up and opened it to find a letter penned in the same handwriting:

David Williams,


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of NoEnd House! Please accept this prize as a token of great achievement.


Yours forever,


The envelope also contained five hundred-dollar bills.

Overcome with almost hysterical relief, David began to laugh uncontrollably, for what seemed like hours. Still laughing, he checked the front door and found it unlocked. He continued to his car and began to drive home, chuckling to himself all the way. Even as he pulled into his driveway he was still giggling like a madman, unable to control himself.

His laughter became louder and more desperate when he approached his front door.

He was still laughing when he saw the number 10 etched into it.

If you enjoyed this particularly nightmarish tale, there’s a good chance you’ll see it come to life on your television screen next year — the original author, Brian Russell, announced just last month that the story of “No End House” has been optioned for the new SyFy creepypasta-themed series CHANNEL ZERO.

Stay tuned for updates… and in the meantime, check out his sequel to “No End House,” “Maggie.”