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A Forum Thread Discusses a Legendary Monster… Then Gets Mysteriously Deleted

The origin of today’s chilling viral tale remains a mystery — though at least one of the people who read and/or contributed to it (who does not divulge his or her identity or username) managed to save the text of the following conversation, which took place over roughly a week on an unnamed discussion forum.

The first post on this topic was submitted by user Optimus11985 on November 5, 2013 at 5:03 pm, under the heading Strange sightings in rural areas of southern New York?

Optimus inquired as to whether any fellow users might be familiar with the myths and legends from the rural regions of New York state. He was prompted to initiate this thread the day after receiving a Skype call from his sister Elsa, who was trying to describe something strange and frightening she’d seen wandering outside her house the previous night.

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After trying to rationalize the movements and sounds as wild animals, or possibly one of the neighbors’ horses, Elsa had suddenly seen something unlike any living creature she’d ever witnessed: it walked upright like a human, but had a hairy, oversized head topped with massive horns, strange colorations on its body (which she described as “war paint”), and huge, glaring eyes. Elsa said the horrific creature had stared directly at her, then seemed to move its mouth “as though it was talking to her” before turning and stalking silently off into the night.

At first, Optimus11985 believed his sister was recalling a vivid nightmare… but the more they talked, the more he realized Elsa was totally convinced that what she’d seen was real.

The next day, all the author’s attempts to reach his sister failed; she didn’t answer Skype or phone, and did not respond to texts or emails. At this point, he turned to the forum to see if he could find an answer to Elsa’s mysterious line of questioning.

Several other users — including blackcatattack, TangoMan and Big-hank — joined the thread. Optimus convinced them his sister had looked and sounded completely serious the previous night, and had no history of mental illness or drug use… also, she wasn’t a prankster by nature, so he doubted it was some kind of trick.

They went through a handful of practical theories suggesting she might have been hallucinating; they asked about possible exposure to toxic chemicals at her workplace (a textile mill) or some unknown event which might have triggered a kind of mental breakdown… but the author had been in touch with Elsa frequently enough over the past few weeks that those options seemed unlikely. He did admit she had been acting a bit strangely over the past week, particularly after someone at her workplace had accused her of stealing — a charge which she denied.

Big-hank finally decided to follow up on the original question, and said he would research local folklore for a creature resembling what Elsa allegedly witnessed; TangoMan suggested he start by studying the lore of indigenous tribes in the region, much of which dates back centuries before European settlers reached the continent.

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The following evening, the author returned to the thread, now more concerned after having visited his sister’s house that day, only to find it empty, with the front door unlocked and her van still in the driveway. He tried to contact their parents, and planned to contact police if they couldn’t locate her by the next morning.

For the next few days, the discussion thread continued without Optimus11985, and his fellow users were becoming concerned about his absence… especially by November 9, when Big-hank returned with information on a Native American cryptid known as “My Redeemer.”

Here is the description he copied and pasted into the thread:

After the oppressive treatment of the Lenâpé or Delaware Tribe had become prevalent, a myth rose to popularity about a ghostly entity referred to as Nihillapeuhoalid (“My Redeemer”). It is told that Lenâpé tribesmen would perform rituals calling upon the creature in hopes that it would rid them of their white tormentors, as the Redeemer’s goal is to seek out those who wrong others and take revenge on behalf of the summoner, before going on his way to find more evildoers. The legend goes on to say that the Redeemer raises his victims from the dead, claiming them as his eternal slaves. The folktale was quite well-known in the area, right through the Civil War.


During the late half of the 1800s, a rash of murders broke out in the tri-state area, gradually spreading out from southern New York to other areas across the country. Local tribes claimed the creature was responsible for the deaths, but citizens did not buy into the myth, becoming suspicious of the immigrants that were flooding into the country, looking for the opportunities that America was said to hold for them.


Eventually, the murders were tied to a local by the name of Peter Hennessey, who was already awaiting execution following his conviction for the murder of a wealthy woman. Hennessey never commented on his involvement in the crimes.

Hank found many more murder cases throughout the region’s history which seemed to fit a distinctive pattern: in these particular cases, the accused were not caught by local authorities, but did indeed pay poetically for their crimes. These included Roderick Bratton, who was accused (correctly) of engaging in cannibalism, and was later found chopped to pieces and partially devoured. In each case, their bodies — and their vengeful killers — were never found.

The thread went quiet until November 12, when TangoMan resurfaced with a horrifying update: he had just read an online news article which confirmed Elsa had been murdered.

Image Credit: iStock/aijohn784

He posted a link to the article, but before the others could read it, the link was taken down. TangoMan later summarized what he’d read: “She was found in a nearby park, skinned alive… Her skin had been replaced with a fabric bodysuit, something akin to a quilt…”

It was shortly after this exchange that one of the forum’s moderators, under the username Vorare, interrupted with the following message: “This thread has violated site rules and will be deleted.”

TangoMan protested, stating that the discussion did not break any of the site’s posted rules. A second moderator, Solvo, commented: “Then you don’t understand the rules,” declaring that the thread was “of an illicit nature.” Big-hank pushed back, asserting that no rules had been broken… and suddenly a third moderator, Coagula, stepped in:

“Perhaps not. But the thread has been flagged for deletion, and so it shall be.”

With that, the thread was gone, and all users received the following private message from Vorare: “Do not create any further posts or threads regarding this topic. The matter is not open for discussion. Just do not do it. Elsa is fine.”

No further attempts were made to open up a new thread under this or a similar topic, and Optimus11985 was not heard from again. However, the unnamed user who preserved this exchange decided to investigate, contacting the site’s administrator about the mysterious moderators Vorare, Solvo and Coagula.

The admin told them that no users by those names had ever registered accounts with the site.