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A Woman Received This Chilling Voicemail from Her Father — Months After His Death

We’ve been noticing a spike in reports of unexplained audio phenomena lately… but one mysterious and particularly disturbing recording sent shivers through the Reddit community following a recent post by user heaveninherarms.

The user started an urgent-looking thread to Reddit’s /r/paranormal board late last week (then cross-posted to /r/creepy), shortly after her mother had received a phone call from an unknown party — whose number displayed on her Caller ID as (000)000-0000.

But it was only after the mystery call went to voicemail that this story took a much more disturbing turn: upon listening to the recording, the woman recognized the voice as that of her father… who had died nearly six months ago of mesothelioma.

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

The bizarre incident triggered a panicked text exchange between the user and her mother, which she then posted to the thread.


heaveninherarms also posted an audio clip of the phantom voicemail, which both she and her mother are convinced contains the voice of her grandfather… although both agreed that the man didn’t sound normal, and seemed lost and confused.

“This is Dad,” the message repeats. “I was trying to contact you… uhh, this is Dad…”

The granddaughter was skeptical at first, and assumed the voicemail was an earlier message which may have been forwarded to her mother… but after checking with family and friends, no one claimed to have sent it, or even knew about its existence. She also admits it could be a cached message which was somehow transmitted months later by unknown means.

In response to other redditors’ suggestions that it was merely a wrong number, the user posted the following YouTube clip comparing the caller’s voice to that of the grandfather in one of the family’s home movies… and as you can hear, it’s a close match.

Other users continue to weigh in with their theories, and several claim to have received calls from the string-of-zeroes phone number. A few even insist that the same unknown caller left them similarly chilling and cryptic voice messages.