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Eerie Footage Shows a Bizarre Humanoid Creature Roaming the Desert

A brief and rather creepy video clip has monster-hunters, UFO theorists and thousands of curiosity-seekers mystified since it first popped up on the web.

The video file was apparently first uploaded to YouTube channel Alien Sightings, and depicts what appears to be a bipedal human-like creature shambling across a desert path. The figure is only visible for a few seconds before disappearing behind a small tree… but it never reappears on the other side.

The original poster claims the video was shot on Navajo Nation territory in the Northwestern US… but it wasn’t until a week ago, when the clip was reposted by the news channel WILD, that the story went viral, racking up nearly half a million views. Oddly, the description accompanying the reposted video claims it was shot in Portugal. No reason was given for this sudden change in location.

Regardless, the clip is being heavily shared across the web — along with some pretty wild theories about the nature of the humanoid and its possible origins.


Cryptid enthusiasts have suggested that the gangly, small-headed creature may be a desert-dwelling cousin to Sasquatch (the footage does vaguely resemble the famous Patterson-Gimli Bigfoot film), or possibly a cousin to the chupacabra — a vampire-like monster which originated in South and Central American mythology but has been sighted in multiple countries.

Others claim that the being is an alien visitor, and point to various theories about a high-level UFO cover-up that will be revealed to the public sometime this year.


Skeptics are quick to point out that the creature’s too-smooth gait is likely the product of digital animation, and that the video has been deliberately degraded in quality in order to give it an “authentic” look.

While we do admire this thing’s obvious creepiness, we’re not going to side with any particular theory until someone comes forward with solid evidence…