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THE LOST BOYS, BEFORE I WAKE and CLUE — This Week’s Horror News Rundown!

Life is full of little victories and tragedies, and this week has had a little bit of both. Classic movies are getting ambitious new television series, while other classic movies are getting “iffy” new reimaginings. A highly anticipated new horror movie got pushed back while a high-profile horror remake showed off its scariest stuff for the first time.

Let’s not waste any more time… check out this week’s Horror News Rundown!

Lost Boys

All the Damned Vampires: THE LOST BOYS is Getting a TV Series

Joel Schumacher’s teen horror thriller THE LOST BOYS was a big hit in 1987, and has gone on to become one of the most iconic movies of the era. It’s actually rather surprising that this story of a rebellious teen vampire gang never spawned a bigger franchise. Two sequels were released straight-to-video in 2008 and 2010, but it now looks as though the franchise’s most ambitious follow-up is going to television.

According to, the CW has announced their plans to produce a TV series based on THE LOST BOYS, produced by acclaimed showrunner Rob Thomas (VERONICA MARS, iZOMBIE). Rather than a straight-up adaptation of the film, about a pair of teens who move to a new town with a serious vampire problem, the show will follow the vampires over the course of seven decades, with each season covering the span of ten years, beginning in the 1960s.

It’s an ambitious concept, but it also seems somewhat tangentially related to the original film. Will THE LOST BOYS eventually get around to telling the story of the 1987 original, perhaps when the series finally gets to the 1980s? Only time will tell…


The New Pennywise Looks Like a Very Old Pennywise in IT

After teasing the face of evil in the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT, we finally got a good look at the whole package this week, as the studio unveiled a full-length look at the evil clown Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård in the upcoming film being directed by Andy Muschietti (MAMA).

It’s a decidedly retro approach to Pennywise, compared to the relatively contemporary clown appearance of Tim Curry in the 1990 TV miniseries. This new take on the character comes courtesy of costume designer Janie Bryant (THE HILLS HAVE EYES II), who tells Entertainment Weekly that the new look “incorporates all these otherworldly past lives, if you will […] He is definitely a clown from a different time.”

We’ll get an even better look at the new Pennywise when the first installment of the two-film IT remake arrives in theaters on September 8, 2017.


20th Century Fox Gets a CLUE

While not strictly a horror comedy, the 1985 cult classic CLUE has a higher kill count than most slasher movies, and it lovingly sends up the old spook house genre. So horror fans will probably want to know that the deadliest board game in history is being made into a new film by Hasbro and 20th Century Fox.

However, if you loved twisted kills and clever tawdriness of the original movie, you should probably know that plans are underway to “move the story out of the parlor and make it a game of ‘worldwide mystery’ with action-adventure elements, potentially setting up a possible franchise that could play well internationally.”

Which, of course, makes one wonder why they even need to call it CLUE in the first placw… but no matter. A remake of CLUE has actually been in the works for years under PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski, but his involvement with the project is uncertain now that it’s migrated from Universal to Fox.

Donner Party

THE HUNGER Humbly Invites You to The Donner Party

 In 1846 a man named George Donner helped lead a wagon train to California, only to become snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas. Of the 87 people who made the trek only 47 survived, and to do so… they had to resort to cannibalism.

The tragic true story of “The Donner Party” is one of the most infamous tales in American history, and it’s about to become a new movie called THE HUNGER. It’s a scary enough story all by its lonesome — but this being the 21st century, it’s also coming with a “twist,” which describes as “WALKING DEAD-style.” That seems to imply that the Donner Party will encounter zombies on their journey in this upcoming film… but given the nature of the horror that takes place, who knows? It might even be a wendigo.

THE HUNGER is based on a new novel by Alma Katsu (THE TAKER) and will be written and directed by Luke Scott, whose first feature film MORGAN debuts next month. Previously, Luke Scott had been the second unit director on his father Ridley Scott’s films EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS and THE MARTIAN.

[Trivia: by strange coincidence, an entirely different THE HUNGER — namely Whitley Strieber’s 1981 novel — was adapted into the 1983 cult classic of the same name by director Tony Scott, late brother of Ridley and uncle of Luke Scott.]

Before I Wake

BEFORE I WAKE Hits the Snooze Button

Sad news for Mike Flanagan fans: the latest film from the acclaimed director of OCULUS and HUSH has been pushed back by Relativity Media, practically at the last minute. BEFORE I WAKE is the story of parents who discover that their new foster child can manifest his dreams in reality. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2015, before getting pushed back to the fall, then the spring of 2016, then the fall of 2016, and now… who knows?

Apparently not Mike Flanagan, who tweeted the news earlier this week about the change in date, prompting a response from Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh, who tweeted September 9th was a “bad date,” even though Relativity had already moved another horror thriller — THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM — to September 9th to replace BEFORE I WAKE on their schedule.

There is no word yet on when the horror thriller will finally premiere in American theaters; it has already been released in the United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, and over 20 other countries.