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Here’s What We Hope To See In ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2!

You’ll have to forgive me, but after seeing Bruce Campbell deflect any questions revolving around the possibility of an EVIL DEAD 4 at countless conventions for the last 20 years, it’s still hard for me to believe that the adventures of one Ashley J. Williams did finally continue with the Starz series ASH VS EVIL DEAD last Fall. And not only that, but we’ve got an entire new season coming this October as well! What’d we do to deserve this?!

With that said, Sam Raimi himself directed the pilot episode to help steer the direction of the show based on where he left off with ARMY OF DARKNESS; although due to a legal technicality, ARMY could not be referenced in the first season, but will be part of the canon as of season two and beyond.

The various wacky stories that followed gave us all new EVIL DEAD-style madness. Some unexpected bits, some gory moments, and some big laughs. What can they possibly do in season 2 to up the ante? Well, I’m happy to confess that after years without cable, ASH VS EVIL DEAD was the sole reason I re-subscribed and it remains the reason I kept it! Let’s take a look at the full red-band trailer for ASH VS EVIL DEAD season 2 and then make our predictions on what we can expect this upcoming year!

The Secret Origin And Early Years Of Ashley J Williams!

We’ve never really known much about Ash’s mysterious past prior to any of the 3 EVIL DEAD movies. And while the first season didn’t offer much insight either, it looks like we’re going to get the full scoop on what made Ash the lovable braggart he is today! The trailer teases that he goes home. We get a glimpse of Cheryl’s room, who sadly met a horrible end at the mid-point of the original EVIL DEAD movie. But we also get to meet Ash’s childhood best friend played by Ted Raimi! And we’ll meet Ash’s dad played by none other than Lee Majors! The Six Million Dollar Man, himself! A glimpse into Ash’s past, coupled with the fact that the show can now reference events from ARMY OF DARKNESS (although I doubt anyone will believe Ash about his medieval adventure), should make for some exciting, new storytelling in Season Two!

Bring On The Deadites & Demons!

We’re used to the tradition of possessed ghouls and deadites that we’ve seen from the film franchise, but what’s cool about the series is they introduced us to all kinds of new demonic threats. A highlight has to be in episode 3 of season one when we’re introduced to “Eligos,” where Ash has the bright idea to summon a “wimpy demon,” aka “a total nerd” they can interrogate. Instead, they summon what quite possibly could be one of the most terrifying looking monsters to grace the EVIL DEAD world. Between Eligos, the demon in episode one that twisted her head backwards, and even Ash fighting little girl dolls, here’s hoping season 2 goes even crazier with the deadites and adversaries! We’ve already got some hints from the trailer above of some freaky skinless ghoul and a… hand puppet? Can’t wait to find out that they’re all about!

Groovy Bloodshed and Mayhem!

The great thing about having an EVIL DEAD series on a cable network is that it can be as R rated as it needs to be. “Profanity” and some err… “adult themes” have transpired already, but where they don’t skimp is on the blood and mayhem that naturally occur when chainsaw-ing through an evil deadite. Part of the fun of the first season was seeing Ash do his thing again. I mean, doesn’t it warm you little heart to see Ash covered in blood? And so, for season 2, that trailer alone looks like it’s going to deliver the gore we’ve come to expect. And then some! Apparently the above trailer was so graphic, that it was refused a screening at this past summer’s annual San Diego Comic-Con. We’re ready for more!

Romance In The Air!

Ash sort of had a love interest or two in the first season. I didn’t really buy into the whole thing between him and Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones), and they didn’t really go there with him or Lucy Lawless’ Ruby Knowby, but here’s hoping maybe a spark will fly between them this season. And if not, can we please get a romance between Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo)? It was very obvious in season one that Pablo was in love with her. And for the most part, she looked at Pablo as a good friend. But when Kelly was possessed by one of the deadites, she did use that “crush” to try to turn Pablo against Ash. Was that all the demon’s work? Or is there something deep inside Kelly regarding her true feelings for Pablo? Here’s hoping we get to explore their “will they/won’t they” relationship in season 2!

Come get some. One-Liners Galore!

The EVIL DEAD movies, in particular ARMY OF DARKNESS did not hold back when it came to giving Ash his catchy and hilarious one-liners. Thankfully the series didn’t hold back either. We’ll be exploring all of the best Ash one-liners from ASH VS EVIL DEAD season one shortly in another piece, but here’s hoping they keep Ash as witty, foul mouthed and funny as ever for Season Two. Judging from the trailer, we’ll get plenty of that. For example: “We gave peace a chance. Now it’s time for war.”

Or what about when the deadite says, “You will die like all the others!” And Ash retorts with, “Ladies first.” BOOM! Classic!!! In a few short months, we’ll have plenty of new Ash quotes to recite to each other!

ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season One is available on Blu-Ray and DVD as of August 23rd, 2016. Season Two will return to Starz this October, just in time for Halloween!