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Giant Mutant Spiders and Other Nightmarish Creatures Actually Found in Sewers

To most of us, the sewer is a place where we send everything we no longer want, need, or would just like to forget about. However, there may come a time when what goes down may eventually come up. Therefore, it is of the up-most importance that we keep track of what may be living down there, should the day arise when it all bubbles up to the surface. 

New York Sewer-gators

Perhaps one of the oldest and most prevalent sewer critter legends is that of the NYC sewer alligator. As the legend goes, a kid purchases a baby alligator on a trip to Florida. After arriving back in NYC, his mother finds out and promptly flushes the creature down the toilet. Once in its new habitat, the gator is allowed to grow to unusually large proportions, and in some legends the gator loses all of its pigmentation, essentially becoming a giant albino alligator. Although their aversion to light may keep them in the tunnels, we could easily see one of these beasts making its way to the surface.


There have been actual cases of alligators living in storm drains and sewers, but these mostly occur in Florida and other places where alligators are part of the normal population. Here is a video of one found in Florida. He looks pissed that someone is disturbing his comfy sewer home.


Black Swine of London

England doesn’t have a lot of alligators, but they sure do have a lot of pigs. These giant pigs were able to not only survive in the sewers, they were able to multiply. It is believed that this infestation began in the 1800s when a sow made its way through an open sewer and gave birth. Pigs may not seem like a huge worry, but just be aware that they have a voracious appetite and that their teeth can chew through bone like it was butter.



North Carolina Sewer Monster

The sewers of Raleigh North Carolina may be a breeding ground for an entirely new species. A video from 2009, made by a utility crew’s sewer camera, shows a small pulsating creature the likes of which have never been seen before. Perhaps, it’s a new life form emerging from the primordial ooze, quickly evolving into something that will take over the planet.  So let’s all say “hello” to our future overlords.


Tehran’s Rodents of Unusual Size

Although rats are a common problem associated with cities and sewers, Iran’s capital city of Tehran takes this problem to whole new level. It’s not just quantity that’s at issue here. It’s the size of the beasts in question that are giving Tehranian officials such a difficult time. Some reports put these sewer dwellers at over 10 pounds, about the size of a well-fed cat. It is believed that their size can be attributed to chemical or possibly nuclear material leaking into the sewers from secret testing sights. So if ten pound rats weren’t bad enough, these guys already have a grudge against us.



Tokyo’s Giant Spiders

Known for occasionally being devastated by unusually large creatures, Japan’s capital city of Tokyo has reportedly been plagued by giant spiders measuring 10 inches in diameter. Although, 10 inches isn’t really a city destroying size, a sewer full of them is enough to make me cancel my urban-spelunking plans.