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10 More Horror Films from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Last week, I collected a list of films from the 2000s that are sadly overlooked. Check out the first list here. In many cases these films just didn’t get the wide release or audience attention they deserved. Sometimes, the movies just weren’t brutal torture flicks which is where the predominant audience tastes were at the time. But often, we as audiences didn’t realize how good the film was until years later. This week I have collected another 10 overlooked titles from the 2000s. Enjoy!


Winona Ryder attempts to convince a journalist that she is part of a group that is bringing Satan back to walk the Earth, and the journalist must help her stop it. This is a nice religious/Satanic horror that fell at a time when both weren’t very popular. Plus, actress Meg Ryan produced it!




A group of actors are hired to perform an elaborate production of Little Red Riding Hood for the wealthy, eccentric residents of a secluded castle. After the production the actors celebrate but soon realize someone is missing and a killer may be among them.



CREEP (2004)

British horror veteran Christopher Smith released a bunch of fantastic horror films throughout the 2000s, but his first feature project, CREEP, is a must for horror fans. Something is killing people in the London Underground Subway, and whatever it is has made a nice home in the massive maze of tunnels.

maxresdefault (1)



Nacho Cerda helmed this atmospheric shocker about a woman who returns to Russia to research her family lineage. THE ABANDONED is a quiet, rather psychological horror that lost the battle when pitted theatrically against SAW and HOSTEL. It is really deserves another chance!



UNREST (2006)

The “8 Films to Die For” collections usually had some dynamite stuff hidden in the bulk releases. In UNREST a medical student takes an anatomy class and is required to dissect a human body as part of the course. As she begins the gruesome process strange events occur around her, and she uncovers further details about the cadaver on her table.



SHEITAN (2006)

This French film is fairly quirky, yet extreme, and definitely not for everyone. But if you like the French Extreme movement then I’d recommend checking out SHEITAN. On Christmas Eve, a group of travelers end up at a strange country house with a sinister caretaker.




Another film by the aforementioned Christopher Smith, SEVERANCE is one of my favorite horror comedies. Members of an office sales team are forced to go on a “team building” weekend in the woods. But one by one a killer starts picking them off.

maxresdefault (2)



Based on the Clive Barker short story, Bradley Cooper plays a photographer who thinks he has uncovered a brutal serial killer, but there is a much worse reason for all of the butchering. The gore effects in this are killer!




Several people are placed in a room as part of a test study group and are told they will be filling out surveys for a few hours and receive $250 for their time. Then the scientist giving the intro shoots one of the participants in the head and leaves the room, locking them all inside. The tension in this flick is masterful, and it keeps you guessing until the end.



NINE DEAD (2009)

Nine people are kidnapped and held in a room. A killer shoots one person every 10 minutes until the group can figure out how they are all connected and why they are there.

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