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Watch an Exclusive Clip From Korean Zombie Epic TRAIN TO BUSAN!

Following its premiere out of competition at Cannes this year, director Yeon Sang-ho’s insanely action-packed zombie apocalypse thriller TRAIN TO BUSAN became a massive blockbuster in its home country. Since then it’s been generating major buzz among genre fans around the world… and if you’re not already stoked to see it, we’ve got an exclusive clip that might help seal the deal.

TRAIN TO BUSAN revolves around a young executive (Gong Yoo) and his young daughter, whose 280-mile train ride from the metropolis of Seoul to his ex-wife’s home in Busan becomes a journey through hell after a group of passengers fall victim to a viral outbreak which turns them into murderous zombies. The action is set almost entirely on the out-of-control train as a dwindling handful of survivors battle the bloodthirsty infected hordes, who have massacred most of the train’s crew and passengers.


This is Yeon Sang-ho’s first live-action feature, following an award-winning career in animation, which includes his acclaimed 2011 film KING OF PIGS.

TRAIN TO BUSAN has been acquired by WellGoUSA for a limited stateside theatrical release, so check in with them on Facebook and Twitter for more details — and be on the lookout for showings in your area. This is definitely one for genre fans to seek out ASAP.

If still you still need convincing, then check out the crazed clip below, which today you can only watch right here: