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We Talk DON’T BREATHE & The EVIL DEAD Remake With Fede Alvarez On This Week’s SHOCK WAVES

This week, join hosts Rob Galluzzo (that’s me!), Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they delve into their thoughts on the hit Netflix series STRANGER THINGS. Then they discuss all the latest horrors! Bekah checked out Michele Soavi’s THE SECT and reports back from the Scare LA convention. Elric revisited Ulli Lommel’s THE BOOGEYMAN, Chuck Russell’s THE BLOB, Scream Factory‘s new release, THE BITE, and LACE CRATER. Ryan talks about the Korean zombie smash hit TRAIN TO BUSAN and Scream Factory‘s new INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS Blu-Ray. Rob caught the rare documentary MANSON, Ken Russell’s sleazy CRIMES OF PASSION and the visual assault that is HARDCORE HENRY.

Then the group welcomes onto the show very special guest, Fede Alvarez, director of EVIL DEAD and the upcoming DON’T BREATHE! We get candid and in-depth and find out the first horror movies Fede discovered as a budding genre fan, how his short film, PANIC ATTACK, got the attention of Hollywood, what it was like to tackle the remake of EVIL DEAD, and how his new nail-biting thriller DON’T BREATHE came to be! Pizza, beer, and horror talk. Tune in!



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