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Horror fans have a lot to celebrate this week… and also a lot of disappointments. Big new movies are coming, exciting possible projects got canceled, and some new trailers are here to blow your mind or at least keep you busy for a few, joyous minutes. Let’s not waste any more time. Here’s this week’s Horror News Rundown!

The 13th FRIDAY THE 13TH Finally Has a New Director

Friday the 13th
The 13th film in the FRIDAY THE 13TH series finally, finally has a new director: Breck Eisner, the filmmaker who previously brought you the remake of THE CRAZIES and the Vin Diesel supernatural action thriller THE LAST WITCH HUNTER. (Source: Variety)

It’s been a long, difficult production process for this new FRIDAY THE 13TH, which has struggled to find its footing since the heavily touted franchise reboot “only” made $91 million in 2009. Since then, production company Platinum Dunes has been trying to revitalize the series with gimmicks like found footage (which never got off the ground), and directors like David Bruckner (V/H/S), who has since left the project.

Breck Eisner, has previously been attached to a variety of horror projects, including the remakes of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and THE BROOD. Let’s hope that, unlike those movies, FRIDAY THE 13TH actually gets made!

David Fincher Directing WORLD WAR Z 2

World War Z
WORLD WAR Z became the biggest zombie movie in history back in 2013, grossing an astounding $540 million during a blockbuster summer season. But Paramount has had some difficulty getting the sequel off the ground. The studio lost their original director, J.A. Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE), and but it looks like they may have found an even more impressive replacement: Oscar-nominated filmmaker David Fincher. (Source: Variety)

Brad Pitt, who starred in WORLD WAR Z and also produced the film, is said to be in talks with David Fincher, who previously directed the actor in SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, the latter of which earned each of them Oscar nominations.

It would be an odd choice for David Fincher at this point in his career – he hasn’t directed a sequel since his first feature, ALIEN 3, which was not a pleasant experience – but after the lukewarm response to his last film, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO remake, it could also be the sort of hit film he needs to revitalize his clout in Hollywood.

Jason Momoa is THE CROW?

Jason Momoa The Crow
The reboot of the cult classic THE CROW, the last film of actor Brandon Lee (who died in an on-set tragedy), has hit the skids more times than we can easily count. One version or another of the comic book adaptation has been in development since 2008, under directors like Stephen Norrington (BLADE) and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER), and starring actors like Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Luke Evans and Jack Huston.

But it seems like THE CROW might finally be ready to take flight again: director Corin Hardy (THE HALLOW) is still attached to the project, and news came down this week and AQUAMAN star Jason Momoa is currently in talks to headline the project. The tall, muscular action star would be an unusual choice for the role, who has typically been portrayed as a seemingly average individual before tragedy strikes, and a crow brings him back to life to avenge his dead fiancée. (Source: Mashable)

Time will tell if fate is kinder to this reboot of THE CROW than all of the others, but Jason Momoa is a star on the rise, and this might just be the version that soars.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up For GHOSTBUSTERS 2

The unexpectedly controversial GHOSTBUSTERS reboot came and went this summer, earning some critical accolades, a fair amount of criticism… and not enough money to warrant a sequel.

All told, the female-led GHOSTBUSTERS has earned $181 million internationally, and while it still has yet to open in a few foreign markets, it’s looking like Sony Pictures stands to lose $70 million or more on the project. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Sony had high hopes that Paul Feig’s GHOSTBUSTERS would set the stage for sequels and spin-offs, and still has plans for several animated projects set in the GHOSTBUSTERS universe, but it’s looking like the studio will be rethinking their plans. The cast of the new GHOSTBUSTERS have all signed contracts for two more sequels, but whether or not they will actually return remains to be seen.

BEYOND THE GATES Picked Up By IFC Midnight

Beyond the Gates
The promising new horror film BEYOND THE GATES, which premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this summer, has officially been picked up by IFC Midnight, and fans of the VHS format have every reason to be excited. (Source: Bloody Disgusting)

BEYOND THE GATES is a new supernatural horror film about two brothers who discover that their father is trapped in an old VCR board game. The only way to rescue their father is to play the game. The film is directed by Jackson Stewart and co-stars horror icon Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR).

No word yet on when, exactly, BEYOND THE GATES will premiere but hopefully fans of VCR board games like NIGHTMARE and CLUE won’t have to wait too long.

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE (NEW) SERIES is Dead in the Water

Friday the 13th Drowns
Back on the subject of FRIDAY THE 13TH, a long-gestating attempt to turn the slasher franchise into a television series died very publicly this week at the Television Critic’s Association press tour, when CW president Mark Pedowitz announced that the network has decided not to move forward with the project. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

“The bottom line is we felt we had stronger things to go with, and we didn’t go forward with it,” Pedowitz said. “It was well-written, it was darker than we wanted it to be, and we didn’t believe it had sustainability … We didn’t believe that it was a sustainable script, a sustainable series. It was a very good pilot, but not a sustainable series.”

That Pedowitz would call an adaptation of a gory horror series “darker than we wanted it to be” might actually mean that horror fans dodged a bullet with this one. If the CW didn’t want a “dark” version of a show about a homicidal maniac, what the heck did they want…?

TALES OF HALLOWEEN is Coming to Blu-ray

Tales of Halloween
The ambitious and excellent horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN is finally coming to DVD and Blu-ray on September 13, 2016. The film consists of ten scary shorts directed by a small army of horror filmmakers, including Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT), Lucky McKee (THE WOMAN), Mike Mendez (BIG ASS SPIDER) and Axelle Carolyn (SOULMATE), and is “Certified Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes.

TALES OF HALLOWEEN will have a whopping four-disc home video release, which will include the Blu-ray, a DVD, the film’s soundtrack, video diaries, deleted scenes and additional short films from the directors. The MSRP for the TALES OF HALLOWEEN Blu-ray release is a respectable $34.99.

WAXWORK and WAXWORK II Coming to Blu-ray

Waxwork II Lost in Time
Two of the best and most under appreciated cult horror films ever – EVER – are making their long-awaited debut on Blu-ray. Anthony Hickox’s WAXWORK and WAXWORK II: LOST IN TIME will be available in the high-definition format courtesy of Vestron on October 18, 2016.

WAXWORK stars Zach Galligan (GREMLINS) as a college student who wanders into a horrific wax museum, only to discover that the ghoulish dioramas come to life if you step inside of them. Galligan returned in the sequel, WAXWORK II, which sent the characters in a strange new direction: into “God’s Nintendo,” which inserts the heroes into one wild movie genre after another.

Both WAXWORK movies come with audio commentaries by Hickox and Galligan, and the first WAXWORK also includes featurettes about the making of the film.

Watch the FOUND FOOTAGE 3D Trailer… in 3D!

A blatant cash grab goes horribly wrong in FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, about a group of filmmakers with the rather dumb idea to film an entire found footage movie in 3D, who then discover that they are actually shooting in a real haunted house.

The first trailer for FOUND FOOTAGE 3D premiered earlier this week, and you can watch the 2D version above. But you can also see the trailer in three fabulous dimensions by signing up right here, and then watching the preview on your 3D television, VR goggles, or any other 3D format you have.


The most successful video game movie franchise in history is wrapping up in January. RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER, the sixth film in the series, premiered its new trailer this week and, like many other installments in the series, it appears to have completely forgotten how the last movie ended.

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION concluded with the promise of an all-out zombie war in Washington D.C., and now RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER takes place on a deserted highway and in a bunker. It’s the sort of free-wheeling, weirdo mentality that has made the RESIDENT EVIL movies a strange, sometimes guilty pleasure for horror-lovers (and not, sometimes, fans of the games, which are incredibly different entities).

Watch the trailer above and be on the lookout for RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER on January 27, 2016.