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10 Killer Horror Flicks from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Sure the 2000s just happened, but a lot of top-notch horror flicks got over-looked or just forgotten! One of the high points of the 2000s horror scene is that digital filmmaking was finally available to the mass populace causing a surge in the indie horror markets. With a saturation of horror films being released, many got quick and quiet distribution deals when they really deserved much more attention and accolades. Check out our list below of 10 amazing horror films from the 2000s that you may have missed. And don’t be put off by the subtitles on some of these. Many of the international releases from the 2000s are absolutely terrifying and definitely worth a little extra reading!


This one was part of the post-SCREAM teen slasher glut of the late 90s/early 2000s (with a poster to match!), but it is still a tight little slasher of its own accord. A group of students gather at a local swimming pool to unwind after their exams. But a killer is part of the mix and starts picking off the revelers one-by-one. Quite an entertaining set-up and execution.




This fantastic British horror flick stars a young Bradley Cooper and is pretty much a riveting, horror version of the show BIG BROTHER. Five contestants are part of a web-based game show. They must stay in an isolated house together for six months, and one of them will be selected to win a million dollars. No one can leave or no one wins the dough, so they must make sure everyone stays put at all costs. But after awhile, things start to get sinister. Then a sixth person unexpectedly shows up…



FRAGILE (2005)

This one got a quiet release stateside under the FANGORIA Frightfest label. Calista Flockhart is a night nurse in a dilapidated children’s hospital. She discovers the children are terrified of an evil entity they refer to as “the mechanical girl”. It’s a slow burn, but a moody and distinctive one!



HELLRAISER: DEADER (2005) (Cover photo)

A lot of people disregard the later HELLRAISER sequels (with valid reason for the most part), but DEADER is actually quite good. The script is by the same gent who penned 2001’s THIRTEEN GHOSTS and focuses on a cult in Bucharest that has found a way to bring people back from the dead just moments after murdering them. This violation of the rules of the afterlife catches the eye of some angry Cenobites.



LUNACY (2005)

This Czech film will appeal to those who like “art horror” or films that aren’t very easily explained. With ample nods to both Edgar Allen Poe and the Marquis De Sade, as well as a blend of live action and animation, the movie centers around an absolutely disturbing insane asylum and questions whether it is better to control with an iron fist or absolute freedom.



THEM aka ILS (2006)

In this atmospheric French film, a couple retreats to a rural house for a weekend getaway, but soon become the target of unseen intruders.




This is a mockumentary about zombies who work to become functioning parts of our society. Though they can’t recall their prior lives, they are fighting to be accepted as citizens and escape some of the “brain dead” and “killer” stereotypes. It has some unsettling horror moments and intertwines a much larger statement on immigration and racial problems in America.




I had never seen this movie until about a year ago when it was recommended to me by one of our other Blumhouse writers, BJ Colangelo. I was shocked I had missed such a great flick! After a young girl mysteriously drowns, her family hires a parapsychologist to investigate which soon reveals that she had a double life. But watch closely as the film rolls. A lot of clues about the possible meanings and ending are hidden throughout. If you pay attention, it turns into a chilling mind fuck.



EXAM (2009)

Eight candidates for a highly sought after job position are locked in the same room and given an exam with just one question. The movie opens on a tense concept and just keeps ratcheting it up. And it somehow makes the notion of being in just one room really fascinating.




Probably the most well-known on the list, this brutal slasher creates a wonderful mythos and a whole new killer (Babyface) who I would still love to see more from. A group of young film buffs go searching for a notorious “lost movie” that disappeared long ago. Instead they find a deranged killer.