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It’s hard to imagine that there are any horror franchises left that haven’t been rebooted, but Hollywood found one this week! Find out more about the return of a 1980s cult classic, the ambitious new TALES FROM THE CRYPT television series and more in this week’s Horror News Rundown!

The PUMPKINHEAD Remake Will Sprout in 2017

All the rest of the popular 1980s horror movies are getting rebooted, so why not PUMPKINHEAD? The cult classic monster movie – which spawned three sequels over the course of two decades – has been optioned by Peter Block, the executive producer of the SAW franchise, who plans to release a remake in 2017. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

The original film, directed by visual effects guru Stan Winston (TERMINATOR 2), starred Lance Henriksen as a farmer who calls forth a demon from the pumpkin patch after his son is killed by careless teenagers. But it turns out that starting the cycle of revenge is a hell of a lot easier than ending it.

The PUMPKINHEAD remake has been written by Nathan Atkins, whose previous screenwriting credits include S. DARKO and DEADLY DESCENT: THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN. Peter Block says they are currently looking for a filmmaker “who really understands why the first one is terrific, the emotional beats of ‘Is the revenge you seek worse than whatever befell you in the first place?’ But it’s also somebody that wants to embrace what I think audiences really want these days — a really scary, fun thrill-ride.”

Peter Block was recently a guest on’s own horror podcast Shock Waves! Listen to his extensive chat embedded below!

TALES FROM THE CRYPT Won’t Tell The Same Old Tales

Tales from the Crypt Cryptkeeper
Fans of the classic HBO horror anthology series TALES FROM THE CRYPT, and the beloved comic books they were based on, are watching the development of the upcoming TV reboot very closely. The original series had a very specific format, in which the animatronic Crypt Keeper introduced a frightening 30-minute tale based on the EC comic books, and that system worked out pretty well for everybody. But the new series is going to be much more ambitious.

TNT and TBS President Kevin Reilly revealed this week that the new TALES FROM THE CRYPT won’t just be a new series, it’s being developed as a block of programming. “There’s going to be a half-hour anthology and then a one-hour original show with some shorts in between. So it’s part of a whole block,” Reilly revealed at TCA 2016. “The original half-hour, sort of slightly comedic, kind of twisted [story] that Night himself is going to direct will be a part of it every week. Then we’re going to have rotating original one-hours. Then we’ve got shorts that’ll be part of it too.” (Source: SlashFilm)

Kevin Reilly also says that some of the TALES FROM THE CRYPT shorts will be “crowdsourced,” and produced by the viewers, although that format raises legal issues that haven’t quite been worked out yet.

Willem Dafoe Will Eat All The Apples in DEATH NOTE

Willem Dafoe Ryuk Death Note
Adam Wingard’s adaptation of the incredibly successful manga, anime and live-action Japanese film series, DEATH NOTE, is currently in production, and they’ve cast Willem Dafoe as one of the series’ most important characters. (Source: Mashable)

DEATH NOTE is the story of a teenaged boy who discovers a very strange journal. If you write somebody’s name in that journal, they die. The moral ramifications of actually using it are staggering, and the specific rules are ridiculously complex. The “Death Note” also comes with a demon named Ryuk, who drops it into the real world because he’s bored, and forms an unusual relationship with the Death Note’s new owner.

Willem Dafoe (THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL) has now signed on to voice Ryuk in the new film, which is being produced for Netflix after Warner Bros. dropped it. Adam Wingard’s version of DEATH NOTE also stars Nat Wolff (PAPER TOWNS), Shea Whigham (AGENT CARTER) and Keith Stanfield (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON).

Mark Wahlberg Will Fight Off a HOME INVASION

Mark Wahlberg The Happening
The home invasion horror subgenre has always been a creepy one, since the story of people being attacked in their own homes violates our shared sense of security. So it should come as no surprise that more of these films would go into production and attract big name talent, although actually naming one of them HOME INVASION seems a little on-the-nose.

Mark Wahlberg attached himself to the upcoming thriller HOME INVASION this week, a thriller about a contractor whose wife suffers from a unique skin condition, and who builds her a house that blocks all natural light. When a group of criminals break in, they have to defend themselves. The script has been written by Aaron Guzikowski, who also wrote the acclaimed kidnapping thriller PRISONERS. (Source: The Tracking Board)

HOME INVASION marks Mark Wahlberg’s first foray into the horror and/or thriller genres since the 2008 killer leaf movie THE HAPPENING.

DOOM: UNTO THE EVIL Invites You Back to Hell

It’s been a few months since Bethesda’s awesome reboot of the DOOM video game franchise premiered, and fans have officially waited long enough for some premium downloadable content. This week, Bethesda released DOOM: UNTO THE EVIL, which includes three new multiplayer maps, a new playable demon, new armor, a new weapon and more taunts.

You can get a good look at the new content in the online trailer above. DOOM: UNTO THE EVIL will currently cost you $14.99!