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Check Out This CARRIE Prequel Short Fan-Film MARGARET!

We take great pride in the variety of voices that contribute regularly here on Horror, or any art form for that matter, is subjective and hence it’s always fun to read about people’s personal interpretations of the genre. If you’ve been making this website your daily destination for all things scary, then you no doubt are familiar with BJ Colangelo. If not, you can browse through a handful of her articles right here.

We’re equally excited when our contributors go out and make something. Taking a cue from Stephen King’s seminal work, CARRIE, Colangelo has chosen the untold backstory of Carrie White’s mother, MARGARET, as the backdrop for her directorial debut short fan film. Apologies in advance, but knowing the identity of the films’ lead character is a spoiler, but it’s also incentive to check it out! So have a look!

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