The 13th Floor

We Get Candid & In-Depth With Bill Moseley On The Latest SHOCK WAVES!

This week on Shock Waves, join hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they sit down with horror icon and actor extraordinaire Bill Moseley! In this candid chat, we get to learn about Moseley’s first horror experiences, how his short film “Texas Chainsaw Manicure” led to getting cast as Chop-Top in Tobe Hooper’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, the first time he met Rob Zombie at the Universal Studios Eyegore Awards, reprising the role of Otis for THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and much, much more. Including his thoughts on what it’d take to make another movie with the Firefly family. Kick back, relax and enjoy one of Moseley’s most extensive interviews ever!