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Watch Mike Williamson’s Acclaimed and Terrfying New Short Film DEATHLY!

[Warning: NSFW content ahead]

The shocking new haunted-house short DEATHLY has been freaking out audiences at film festivals around the world since its premiere at UK’s Frightfest last Fall, and it recently made its online debut via Entertainment Weekly.


Directed by Mike Williamson, DEATHLY stars Alan Ruck (CARNAGE PARK) as a widower whose intense grief is only the beginning of the nightmare to come. He’s joined by co-stars Christina Elizabeth Smith, Kathleen Wilhoite, and Mickey Keating (director of CARNAGE PARK, POD, and DARLING).

Mike told EW that DEATHLY is the kind of ghost story he’s always wanted to tell: “[W]hen there are couples who have been together a long time, and one of them dies, there’s this phenomenon where the other spouse dies within a year after that of a broken heart… they say. I started thinking, we assume it’s a broken heart. What happens if we didn’t know the whole story?”

DEATHLY promo 1

The film also features the music of composer Clint Mansell, who scored most of Darren Aronofsky’s features, as well as Williamson’s earlier short IN THE WALL.

Check out DEATHLY right here!