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Remember When Stephen King Did An American Express Commercial?

There’s nothing more fun than stumbling onto some odd, old horror-related relic that you never knew existed. For me, it was learning earlier this week of the existence of this Stephen King-fronted commercial for the American Express Card. (“Don’t leave home without it.”) I mean, the puns! The puns!

If Stephen King could be talked into making one of these things, I thought it’d be fun to do a little research and see what other people within the genre have done similar Amex adverts. Here’s another one presented as a 2 minute short film by M. Night Shyamalan titled “Time To Dream.”

Why stop at horror peeps? Where else do these American Express ads go? Well, here’s a great one with Martin Scorsese. This particular version has some commentary bits by Scorsese. I chose it because it’s the best quality version on You Tube. But also, more of Scorsese talking is a good thing!

Lastly, let’s take a look at Wes Anderson’s American Express commercial. Because if working on one of his movies is anything like this quirky ad suggests, that would truly be my own horrific nightmare.

*Header photo by: Susan Aimee Weinik