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This Faux Trailer Show’s Us What Quentin Tarantino’s SUICIDE SQUAD Would Be Like

What is it about the concept of “team-up” movies that gets us all so excited? I guess it’s those hypothetical scenarios that we used to debate about with our friends when we were younger. For me as a comic book lover, it was fairly easy to wonder aloud, “Who’d win in a fight? The Incredible Hulk or Superman?!” But nowadays, there’s something fascinating about seeing characters from one movie “universe” pop up in another.

With Quentin Tarantino’s films, it’s not uncommon to spot the links between his characters. Even the casual viewer knows that the two Vega’s are the Vega brothers. But if you really break them down, it gets really intricate, right down to PULP FICTION describing the characters of KILL BILL. Check out this IFC article that gives the full run down of the Tarantino-verse.

But I digress! What if all the characters in Tarantino’s movies teamed up for an AVENGERS style cross over? Ah, well, I guess since they’re villains, SUICIDE SQUAD is the more apt comparison. Well, wonder no more. The fine fiends at Loot Crate have put together this short film / faux trailer hypothesizing what it’d be like to see Quentin Tarantino’s SUICIDE SQUAD! Check it and dream of what will sadly never be.

Cool tid-bit about this? That voice-over was provided by Corey Burton, the same voice over artists on both the MACHETE and GRINDHOUSE trailers!

By the way, if anyone can pull off this premise, it’d be Tarantino himself, so just throwing it out there, Quentin. I know you’ve only got 2 more movies to go, but throwing all your characters in one flick would be one hell of a finale! Oh, and please make a horror movie before you call is quits too!


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