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The Coolest New Horror Toys Previewed at Comic-Con 2016

This year’s Comic-Con was one of the coolest ones in recent memory for us horror fans, if only because it revealed that Adam Wingard’s upcoming film THE WOODS is actually BLAIR WITCH, a years-later sequel to the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. We were also thoroughly impressed by the trailer for KONG: SKULL ISLAND, which will feature the largest Kong to date and looks to be a good old fashioned monster movie, and that WALKING DEAD Season 7 trailer that AMC showed off, well, we simply cannot wait to meet the badass King Ezekiel and his zombie-eating pet tiger, Shiva.

But one of my personal favorite things about Comic-Con each year is all the upcoming toys that companies like NECA, Mezco, and Sideshow Collectibles put up for viewing and picture-taking. A slew of awesome new horror collectibles were glimpsed at this year’s event, and today we wanted to shine the spotlight on the toys that we’re most excited to add to our collections in the very near future.

Let’s look at some kickass toys, shall we?!

Ash vs Evil Dead

NECA showed up at Comic-Con this year with the first series of their ASH VS. EVIL DEAD toy line in tow, which will include Hero Ash, Value Stop Ash, and the demonic Eligos. All three figures had previously been shown off by the company, so it was their unexpected ASH VS EVIL DEAD 3-pack that really caught our interest. Coming in October, three months after the release of Series 1, the “Bloody Ash vs. Demon Spawn” action figure set includes a bloody Ash variant figure, as well as two of the pint-sized demon children that he memorably fought in the show’s Season 1 finale. The Demon Spawn figures are exclusive to this set, so don’t expect to grab them individually at any point in the future.

Mantis Alien

Fans of NECA know that their dedication to unique ALIEN and PREDATOR toys has been a staple of their output these last few years, and they’re showing no signs of slowing. At Comic-Con they showed off Series 10 of the ALIENS line, which is a full-on tribute to the Kenner ALIENS toys that were released back in the 1990s. As you may recall, many of those toys depicted Xenomorph characters that weren’t actually seen in the films – story goes that the designs were based on an animated series that never got off the ground – and like they did with PREDATOR, NECA is upgrading some of those vintage toys in their own style. Series 10 includes Gorilla Alien, Queen FaceHugger, and coolest of all, Mantis Alien (seen above). The remake of Mantis Alien is cast in translucent green, just like the original toy!

Look for ALIENS Series 10 in November 2016.

Arcade Alien

The NECA ALIENS fun continued with this brand new reveal of a pink-colored Xenomorph, which may not be immediately recognizable to you. Give up? This unique toy is based on Konami’s side-scrolling ALIENS arcade game, released in 1990, and it’s the latest in a long line of NECA toys that are based on classic – and sometimes relatively obscure – video games. The Xenomorphs in the 1990 arcade game, needless to say, were not quite movie-accurate. A bright blue Xenomorph toy, from the same game, was also given a Comic-Con tease by NECA.

Pizza Monster

Another unique ALIENS toy glimpsed at Comic-Con this year, again courtesy of NECA, is this one, which baffled many fans. Though many assumed it was another video game-inspired toy, the reality is actually way cooler than that. If you’re a fan of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES you may recognize that this yellow Xenomorph isn’t actually a Xenomorph at all, but rather one of the 1987 animated series’ Pizza Monsters. The TMNT creatures were based directly on the ALIENS villains, and since NECA has both licenses, they decided to step way outside the box and bring the first ever Pizza Monster action figure to the toy shelf. Words can’t describe how cool this is, so I won’t even bother trying.

Dawn of the Dead

Mezco arrived at Comic-Con with some truly awesome collectibles of their own, including a handful of upcoming Living Dead Dolls that had recently been shown off on their website. Ash, Beetlejuice, Pinhead, and TRICK ‘R TREAT’s Sam will soon join the line of adorable dolls, and in a surprise that no one saw coming, so too will DAWN OF THE DEAD characters Flyboy and Plaid Shirt Zombie. Headed our way in 2017, the DAWN Living Dead Dolls are about as must-own as horror toys can possibly get, and I can’t wait to play with them. Yes, I’m a 30 year old man and I can’t wait to play with dolls. Don’t judge!


Several years ago, right around the time the film was released, Sideshow Collectibles put out  a high-end 15″ vinyl figure of TRICK ‘R TREAT’s loveable villain Sam, but in the wake of quickly selling out, the doll became so rare and expensive that few fans were actually able to get their hands on one. Looking on eBay right now, I’m seeing that they’re currently selling for upwards of $600, which is crazy. But have no fear, because Mezco is soon putting out what looks to be the very same doll, and it’s guaranteed to be a whole lot more affordable. Coming in 2017, this vinyl figure also measures 15″ tall, and features a sculpted head underneath the burlap sack. God bless you, Mezco!

Pop Culture Shock

Teased at Monsterpalooza earlier this year, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles unveiled fully painted prototypes of their upcoming AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and THE THING action figures for the first time at Comic-Con. Seen above are 7″ figures of David Kessler, Jack Goodman, and the Kessler Wolf, along with THE THING’s RJ MacReady (with the nightmarish Norris Spider-Head). We don’t yet have release dates for any of these, but we do know that PCSC is also working on 12″ figures of the same characters. This will be the first time AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON action figures have ever been released, so needless to say, we are hugely excited about that.

Female Pinhead

Last but certainly not least, we present Sideshow Collectibles’ “Hell Priestess,” an original character in the HELLRAISER universe who is essentially a female version of Pinhead. This Premium Format statue is likely to sell for a pretty penny once Sideshow decides on a date, and it will be released alongside an art print depicting the sexy character. The scantily-clad seductress stands atop the franchise’s infamous Puzzle Box, and the statue is nothing short of an eye-catching conversation piece – to say the very least!

Which of these toys do you want most? Comment and let us know!



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