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Play an Early Version of the Mega-Creepy Game WE HAPPY FEW Now!

If you’re anything like me, the E3 2016 trailer of trippy alterna-horror game WE HAPPY FEW resulted in a mini-stroke and a personal goal of playing it the second it is released. Well that second has come… sort of.

Today, you can download and play an “early access” version of WE HAPPY FEW on Steam and Xbox One.


Keep in mind; this is the “work in progress” version of the game — with all the bugs, frame-rate issues, and unfinished levels that implies. Luckily, though, all the major mechanics are apparently in place, giving you a real flavor of the game. So if you don’t mind some limitations, and you want to be the first guy on the block to delve into horrifying, post-disaster alternative version of Swinging London in the mid-1960s, WE HAPPY FEW is just sitting there on Steam and Xbox One Previews, waiting for you to dive in.

One of the more interesting revelations, you can finish the game in under two minutes.

See, WE HAPPY FEW’s dystopian society relies on residents taking “happy pills” to keep themselves from noticing how terrible everything is. The main character is a “downer,” a guy who refuses to swallow the pill… except the game gives you the option of just accepting your fate and your pill like a good sheep — resulting in a very short, artificially happy gameplay experience.

To see what all the fuss is about over this unique game, check out the gameplay video below. If you don’t like it, I’m afraid we can’t be friends anymore.