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5 Weird Things that have Actually Rained Down from the Sky (Including a Shark!)

History is full of strange things falling from the sky aside from the standard rain and snow. Storms of frogs and fish are oddly not unheard of as violent upsweeps and storms suck up huge amounts of water. But what about bits of lungs and worms? Keep reading for the 5 strangest things that have ever rained down from the heavens.

female american bull frog on whitePlease also check out these other frogs




On March 3rd, 1876, chunks of meat rained down on the city of Olympia Springs, Kentucky. Eventually, two brave souls decided to taste the meat and said it seemed like mutton. Later, tests revealed the meat to be small chunks of horse lungs. Scientists decided it was likely the result of a giant pack of buzzards who may have been tearing at the horse lungs mid-air.



In 2007 in Louisiana, thousands of worms began falling from the sky. Scientists gathered it may have been from a local bayou waterspout that then dropped the creepy crawlers on the nearby town. A similar event happened in 2011 in Scotland when a storm of earthworms plummeted onto a school soccer field. The Scotland instance was not explained as easily since it was a cloud-free day, and the nearest water was over 40 miles away.

Earthworms (Dendrobena Veneta) called Tennessee Wiggler for Fishing or Compost



In 2012, a live leopard shark fell from the sky and landed in the middle of a golf course in San Juan Capistrano, California. The course manager found the fish and stuck it (still alive) in the back seat of his golf cart. The staff put it in water, and then someone was kind enough to drive it a few miles back to the ocean where the shark happily swam away after one hell of an adventure. Experts think that the shark may have been transported to the golf course by a large predatory bird like a falcon which could easily carry a small shark.




In North Carolina, a house was absolutely covered in seashells- just one house. They coated the yard, covered the driveway and filled up the gutters. There were a few shells in the neighbors’ yards, but the majority were just around the one house. Very strange since the nearest ocean was over 80 miles away.

Assortment of seashells nature background.



In 1969, a white powder of non-dairy creamer rained down on the town of Chester, South Carolina. It seems that, just as the Borden company was about to make a batch of the corn-syrup based drink additive, a vent clogged causing the entire batch to shoot out of the factory and into the air. The sticky powder coated everything in town including cars, windows, people, homes, and grass. The next morning’s dew added moisture to the problem and created a giant gooey mess. The factory was only fined $4000 for the damage.

New York City, New York, USA - January 22, 2016: Two bottle of Coffee-mate liquid flavored coffee creamer and a mug of coffee. Coffee-mate is one of the Nestle family of products.


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